Road To Legacy | Episode 300

Every single failure, struggle, pain that
I ever went through, I am now grateful for those things because those things made me
who I am today. And it’s it’s the most peace that you can
have because because you do love what is. And you love the bad stuff too. Like, you can only you can only get to that
place having gone through some stuff. Like I wish there was a college course that
we could create where we just like destroy someone’s life in 90 days. Right? And have them built it back up because I’d
much rather them go through it at 18 than 38. Right. But having gone through some struggles in
my life, it gave me the appreciation like right now like I’m, I’m so incredibly grateful
for my failed marriage because it made me the husband and the father I am today. The difficult thing is that it’s usually in
hindsight that you realize what you were learning through through the process. And that’s why I love so much of the stuff
I’m doing on social media is because I want to find people that are going through it now
and make sure that they know that, that hey, there’s there’s some exact purpose and reason
why you have to go through this. Because of this, this, this and this, and
it may be a month from now, maybe 15 years from now. But as cliche as everything happens for a
reason, everything happens for a reason. And I think it does take time, intentional
time to sit back and figure out like, Hmm, what what did what did I learn from this situation? What can I have done better? I think it’s very easy in those scenarios
to start pointing the fingers at other people. Like she did this. She did that they did this, they did that. But taking full ownership of the situation,
say what could I have done to make that situation better? And now what can I do to move forward and
learn something from this because I tell everybody, like everything that happened like it’s it’s
all your fault. You control everything. And I understand there’s things that can happen
to you, especially things that can happen to you like as a child and different types
of abuse type things like no, that’s not your fault. But letting it control you 20 years later,
10 years later, five years later that you control that. It’s usually a interesting conversation amongst
men when I talk about like, Oh, you know, man, you know, her having an affair, that
wasn’t your fault. I’m like, Well, you know, if I had been the
absolute best husband created the best environment in our home would that affair have happened? Possibly, but I’m thinking probably not. Like the business failure and the crazy thing
that fell out with that, like, was that your fault? Yes, 100%. It’s all your fault and and it’s not taking
ownership of those things that’s keeping you shackled to them. And so for me, it was that it was just it
was taking 100% ownership and understanding and the encouragement of that was, if I got
myself into that situation, I could get myself out of it. But that was only through hard work. And just going all in that that would happen
because the only way you can see that relationship as a failure or, or as a loss is if you didn’t
learn anything from it. That you don’t go into the next relationship
and I know for a fact I am the husband I am today because of my failed marriage. I’m the father I am today because of my failed
marriage. And you realize that these things that at
the time were gigantic struggles for you, now are the reason why you can go do the things
that you can do through God. And, you know, I just I want you guys to understand
that there is not a circumstance that you could be in, there is not a wrong that you
have done, that somehow disqualifies you from God doing that through your life.

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