Road To Legacy | Episode 299

An abundance mindset is that, like, I can
give generously, and I can give my time and money, energy and resources because there’s
so much more out there that’s coming. One thing for me that’s specifically important
about giving, and when I say giving, I’m talking about like giving financially, whether it’s
like actual money or by doing something for someone that costs money, is it it flips a
switch in your brain and it creates a environment of abundance. Because if you’re able to give that means
you are telling yourself I have enough and there is overflow of what I have to be able
to give to somebody else. But the act of giving, the act of giving ultimately
shows gratitude for what has been given to you. But it also shows that you are in a place
that you are in a mental state of abundance because you know that exactly like Neil Elliot
just said scarcity is not a good place to operate that you know that if you are operating
in a place of abundance that by giving you know, you know that there is more coming your
way. Like when I was really struggling and broke
and in debt like I never went without, right? Like I was never not provided for. Like I always had food, I always somehow made
things work and so many times like I’ve given and then things have happened almost to the
penny where I’ve gotten it back. Like like you know gave when it when you give
and it’s a little uncomfortable, like like, I know I want to do this but man it’s kind
of uncomfortable. I don’t know if I should and you give anyway. Sometimes where I’m like I have something
that pops up that I’m like crap I gotta pay for this medical bill. I didn’t realize. Like, it’s you know, $642 and then all of
a sudden I randomly like I think I’m gonna have to pay extra on taxes in that year and
I randomly get a $642 tax refund on the state. Like like like to the penny. You don’t give because you think it will result
in more coming your way. But you give because you are grateful for
all that has been given and all the opportunities that you have around you. I just strongly believe that to whom much
is given much is required. The times where I have benefited the most
and been in the most abundant of the most abundant mindset, are the times where I have
been the most generous. Yeah, I agree. One of the most important concepts that you
mentioned is just abundance, and just that, that feeling of abundance, like versus scarcity,
and I think it’s probably the one of the, it’s one of the most important things that
people need to get a grasp on is this idea that there’s not one pie and that the piece
that you get is now a piece that I can’t get. And that’s what I think gets back to why we
do this podcast. I want you to have the whole pie, because
I’ll make another damn pie. It’s like I don’t give two receive, but I’ve
always received, and I’ve always given, right. And the times where I’ve been less generous
I have I have been blessed less. But with Yeah, I mean, and the thing is there
are people that are listening to this right now or watching this right now, and you know,
they may not be someone that goes to church. They may not be may not be someone that has
a relationship with God. And there have been times in my life where
I’ve gotten pushback from from other people even within the church in regards to giving,
in regards to tithing and how it’s actually the Old Testament and this and that and it
actually meant this and, and, and I would always just respond, that’s fine. It’s just something that I’m going to do. And my question to them is always tell me
a little bit about your process for giving on a regular basis to whatever you feel is
important to give to? But just the simple act of giving tells yourself
subconsciously that you have plenty that there is plenty more coming where that came from
and that there is so much so that you have the ability to go and let that overflow and
other people. That’s right.

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