Road To Legacy | Episode 246

Another aspect of intent is just not allowing
life to happen to you, but you attacking life. And understanding that you’re exactly where
you are right now, for those watching, you’re exactly where you are right this second, good,
bad or indifferent. And it’s all on you. Like, it’s all your fault. It’s all based on the things you’ve done. And taking that ownership and saying, Okay,
now that I know that, and that’s me that got myself here, I could get myself to wherever
in the world I want to go. But I have to figure out what my intent is
on the front end. Yeah. To be able to guide me in the right direction,
so that I can do things on purpose, but that there’s purpose behind it. Yeah. But being intentional. One thing I will mention with that, something
new here is, is it’s so important to be intentional. And you know, a lot of what we talk about
is, with life goals, and taking the people through this process of having three goals
in each of the four areas of life, your relationships, your body, your mind, your business, the key
to that, that process is being intentional with the time that you’re spending in those
areas. So, you know, I’m the kind of person that
I want to be all in, in all areas. And what that means is that when I’m home,
I want to be intentional with that time when I’m home. I want to be intentional with the time with
my wife. I want to be intentional with the time with
my daughter. When I’m at work, I want to be intentional
in the, in the tasks that I have to get done for the day. When I’m at the gym, I want to be intentional
with the time that I have at the gym, which creates an environment of efficiency. And so I may be on the road three to four
nights a week, and I’ve told people this straight to the face, I am spending more quality time
with my wife, even though I’m on the road four nights a week than you and you’re home
every single night. I am spending more quality time because the
phone’s put away. We’re actually having conversations. But I think the relationships that I want
to focus on are the ones that I’m intentional about, the ones that are mutually beneficial
and growing one another, pushing one another and challenging one another. And, you know, talking about, you know, uncomfortable
things, difficult things. Talking about, you know, someone I can, you
know, talk about my struggles, but also someone I can celebrate with,. I think that’s a big missing piece a lot of
people don’t have. Like, everyone needs a friend or multiple
friends that they can celebrate the things that happened. That they can that that person will be genuinely,
like, joyful in that celebration. Like man, I’ve been working on this deal for,
you know, 14 months, and I finally just closed it and that person’s like equally or greater
happy than you are about the deal. Versus those friends that you, like that like,
you know, must be nice. Yeah, kind of living that life. But if there’s no intention, then I would
I really challenge people to look into is it actually a bad intention? Am I hanging out with that person just escape
from reality? My hanging out with that person to make myself
feel better where I am, which is a real thing. Like, am I am I hanging around with this group
of people today? Because it’s going to make me feel great about
where I am now? Because of the level that they’re at. And what’s my intention behind that? There’s there’s a lot of dynamic dynamics
there. But I think it’s just important to understand
that every single thing you do is with intent. Either good or bad.

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