Road To Legacy | Episode 242

What’s up world? Tyler Harris here. A mentor of mine once told me, you’re either
in a storm, just got out of one, or heading towards one. So if you’re going through hell, keep on going. Adler believed that perceived disadvantages
often proved to be well disguised advantages, because they force us to develop attitudes
and abilities that would have otherwise gone undiscovered. It is only as we compensate for those disadvantages
that we discover our greatest gifts. My favorite, whatever is every successful
person has a painful story will your successful story have a painful ending. You know, everybody gets knocked down. Everybody gets beat up, like whether it was
physically in your situation, or whether it’s emotionally, or just beat up in general by
life. But it’s what happens when you get knocked
down that that ultimately matters. And so, you know, there’s always going to
be struggles in life and obstacles in life. Things are always going to happen. It’s what, you know, it’s what you do in reaction
to that, that ultimately determines where you end up. The reality is like, the crazier, more horrible
and terrible their situation was, it’s almost like proportionately where they go to. But what this theory of compensation is telling
us is that, of course, that’s why they’re so successful. Of course, that person rises to this insanely
high level of success, because they were so far down and beaten down and at such a disadvantage
from the very beginning. And they were able to climb up through that,
and get over that, and move beyond past that, in the things that they built within themselves. The determination, the tenacity that they
were able to embody to get through those things, when applied towards the positive when applied
towards normal “circumstances” puts them at a such a huge advantage, especially in the
business world, but then everywhere, every single part of your life. But in order to grow, you have to be stretched. In order for anything to grow, it has to be
stretched. And typically, there is a struggle involved
in the stretching process. But struggling has a super negative connotation. I just like to look at it as growth. Like is growing important? Like and obviously, the answer to that is
100%, yes, you have to grow in order to level up. Your reason for the struggle is that there’s
a purpose in the pain that you’re in right now. And that you may not realize until hindsight. But there will be a reason why. It may be a month from now, a year from now,
maybe 10 years from now. But there will be a moment when you go oh. Now I get it. Now I know why I went through that. It’s so that I can get through this. Well managed failure is the leading cause
of success. So I want you think about that right now. Whether you’re currently going through a failure,
whether you’re just getting over or on the other side of a failure, or inevitably, you
know, failure at some point is going to happen. Think about that. Well managed failure is the leading cause
of success. To me, that means that you can fail your way
to the top. What I know to be true from my own life, and
the lives of so many others that I’ve seen, is that typically, the absolute best thing
for you, the blessing that you’ve been hoping to receive, is just on the other side of that
struggle. And this is one of the most important messages
that I love putting out there. Because it’s so encouraging to people that
are going through a struggle. And that’s this.. It’s that, until you become the person that
can receive that blessing that’s on the other side of your struggle, you won’t be able to
step into it. So think about that. Who do I have to become? Who do I have to become to get through the
struggle that I’m going through so that I can receive the blessing that’s on the other

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