Road To Legacy | Episode 233

I think it’s such an important thing for us
to look and audit the circles that we surround ourselves the circles that we fly with, if
you will. You had you had been surrounded by different
groups of people in different periods of time in your life, and that your environment obviously
shapes who you are during those periods of time. And so I did hear this podcast that you did
the other day about this Eagle or chicken story, I wanted to mention one thing, because
the same day that I listened to that podcast, it’s crazy how law of attraction and all these
things, they’ll all work. But I had listened to this sermon by a guy
who’s probably had one of the biggest influence on my life. His name was Erwin McManus. And it was on why Falcons fly and chickens
can’t. So it’s like right in line with your story
about the chicken and the eagle. We’ve been told that if you believe you’re
a falcon and act like a Falcon, you’ll be a Falcon. But a lot of us act as if faith is God telling
us chickens, we need to start acting like Falcons. So we live in this perpetual frustration and
disappointment. And then that video was one about the Falcon
and chicken. From Erwin McManus, he said, so you’re
a Falcon and I’m a chicken? I said, we’re both Falcons. Surround yourselves with people there that
are of the same mentality. And that all are in the same mentality of
all in every, every single aspect when you become aware. So when you when you have that level of awareness,
to start looking at the people around you to start looking at the environments that
you’re in, and seeing that they’re not for you that they are not, you know, building
you up that they are are only tearing you down. And when you start to really grasp how serious
it is, how life or death, these things are. But there’s a difference between having empathy
for those people. And just conforming to that being just the
way it is. Self-sabotaging yourself in the process. Yeah. And you just realize very quickly that the
majority of the people in the world are just playing small. Because those limitations that others put
on us on yourself, if not directly combated with action and seeking out other things will
become the limitations that you put on yourself will become those self imposed limitations. That’s your lot in life, this idea that, well,
I’m just a chicken and these are and this is what chickens do. So that’s just what I’m going to do. Do not allow others to influence what your
abilities are, what your capabilities are, I think the easiest thing that you can do,
as step one is just change what you’re allowing to come into your life. Change this, if you change the people, I love,
like a practical thing like with your circle of friends. If you can just take the most negative person
in that group, eliminate them and put one positive person in place of them. The difference that will make over a short
period of time is insane. And I think that’s an important thing to look
at when you’re auditing those friends show true is auditing who you’ve been through certain
stages with those people. It’s not always going to be their fault, like,
Oh, I don’t want to hang out with Joe anymore because you know, Joe’s a bad influence. Well, maybe you were just a bad person and
you used to hang out with Joe. Yeah. And now that you’re not a bad person anymore,
then maybe Joe, in your mind is tied to you being a bad person. Right. So I think it’s important because so many
people we always hear like audit your circle audit your circle, you know, take one negative
person out put one positive person in like this, this constant continual process, but
the reality is like these are human beings, and you have to be way more way more gentle,
thoughtful and gentle in going through that.

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