Road To Legacy | Episode 227

So every time I’m in a new city, I go out
for a run. And I just go and see what kind of strange places I can find myself in. But
this one was definitely one of the strangest. Dog track, dog racing track, I don’t even know what you
call it, actually never even seen my real life. But I don’t know,I guess that’s all I gotta say about that.
I am a little over nine miles in. I truly believe this is going to be the greatest mental
battle I’ve ever gone through. M y head right now is to mess back and forth, back and forth.
I’ve been in the last five years I’ve been in my absolute worst shape I’ve ever been.
And I’ve been in the best shape that I’ve ever been, I can tell you that there’s a big
difference between those two guys. And what those two guys were doing in all other areas
of life. Fitness is probably one of the biggest areas that overlaps in all the others your
energy level, that confidence goes over into your your business, your career, your relationships.
It’s absolutely it’s the foundation of everything. If you don’t have your health,
there’s nothing. You see because there’s something special about walking into any room, but especially
like a board room type scenario, and the people to be able to look at you and they’re like,
“Oh, I got it like that’s, that’s, that’s different.” Like it commands respect. Like the presence
just commands attention. Because the vast majority of people out there, especially business,
people are just out of shape. And they they they put their body last, they put their family
second to last and they put everything else up front. And so for me this idea of balance
is just ridiculous. But I think it’s more about going all in and all areas. And it’s
it’s it’s obviously to us would not so obvious to everybody else that if you are going all
in on your body, if you’re going all in on your mind and your relationships, your business
is just going to be a byproduct of that. Like Of course you’re going to of course your business
is going to do better when you’re at peak performance physically and mentally and with
your relationships. Now for me that waging war in personal change, it was in all areas
but it started with my body started with my health and fitness, that love to say that
super like altruistically that it was, you know, just wanted my energy levels to be high.
But I was recently single, and I found myself fat, and over, you know, overweight and not
in the greatest shape. And I was like “crap, I’m single again”. Just being completely honest.
It’s a prime example for those around you of your discipline. And to me that that’s
that’s crucial is for people to know that you have discipline, not to just completely
call out the out of shape people that are watching, but if you can’t take care of your body, why
am I going to believe you can take care of my money? Why am I going to believe that you
can take care of whatever it is that you’re saying that you’re going to do for me in a
sales process or a customer service process or entrepreneurial environment? You can take
care of yourself how you can take care of anything else? It’s crazy.

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