Road To Legacy | Episode 223

The transformation and the progression
of your life will ultimately be determined by what you do with those
cards that you’ve been dealt. Your impact on this world will ultimately stem from
how you operate within that hand that was ultimately given to you. There are so
many people out there that have just settled, that have just settled, because it was comfortable. Settled because it was normal. It was just what got easy. What they got used to doing. And again what was
comfortable. You guys know that have seen any of my stuff for any period of time,
one of my favorite phrases in the world is that if you seek comfort the world will
deliver you pain, but if you seek pain which means if you seek discomfort the
world will deliver you pleasure and it’s just a fact. And so many people they get
comfortable, and they just they, just stay there. And that’s just not it’s just not
how we’re supposed to live on this on this earth. I just truly believe that we
were put on this planet to make an impact. And to live up to our God given
talents, abilities, skills and to live up to our potential. Starting with
something that you do not possess will always lead to frustration. Judging your
purpose, judging your potential on the wrong purpose will always lead to
frustration. But our gifts are God given. Possessed without question. So that’s
where we start. I feel like so many people are walking through life, coasting
through life, as if they’ve got unlimited hands to play. As if they’ve got
unlimited chances to do this thing called life over. And they don’t realize
that we only get one shot. We only get one chance at life.
And it’s about how we are able to become a better version of ourselves how are we
able to you know increase our skill set and our abilities and learn new things
so that that hand that we are dealt starts to look better and better and
better. How often are you pushing yourself to your
“self-imposed” and we’ll talk about that, but your limits? It’s easy to discuss
this in terms of physical fitness because that’s the easiest thing we all
know you push yourself real hard, hit that limit, exhaust yourself physically,
but it’s in every area of your life. And specifically I want to talk about in
business. How often are you pushing yourself to the limit?
And the reason I say self-imposed because every limit you have is
self-imposed. Because we’re all given a set of circumstances. We’re all given
certain skills, talents, abilities we’re also given certain things that we’re
gonna have to overcome. And I think it’s through overcoming those things and it’s
through taking ownership of the hand that we’re dealt, and saying “hey this is
my situation, but here’s what I’m going to do about it.” It is in that process that
we ultimately determine who we really are. Reality, the majority of people will
die having lived a life of mediocrity, is that the legacy that you want? If you died today, what gifts would die with you? you

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