Rethink What You Sell – From Product to Transformation – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 11


I am a student of 12th and my parents suggest me all the to study but i am more interested in business i love to read self development books. My reading of self development books reduces my academic studies. what should i do to study both.

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What this has thought me is that finishing the project is just the start, being apart of my clients business and showing them that I want them to become better, actually builds loyalty, then you no longer have a customer, you have a fan. Thanks Dan.

Dan you've added so much value to me through all of these videos! I took another step and bought your book! Thank you for your self confidence

Exactly what I experienced recently. When I totally care for client's result, just only aiming to produce the best result to client I could, they feel it in their heart, as my client told me afterwards. 
I've been watching and listening to your materials some time, thank you for what you shared so far. These information helped me a lot more in my life journey. Deeply appreciate…

6:20 he is correct, people will send you referrals if they want to see you succeed. you shouldn't have to ask for referrals. if you are worth it, it happens naturally.

100% agree with Dan on this one…. never send a pdf or a manual or anything nonsense…. make it easy, guide them, show them, make money

Thank you for the video. I sell skincare at a store, and have been improving in sales once I choose to deliver value. Guiding clients through transformation is an awesome feeling. Keep up with the good work!

I love this! be the first one on the battlefield and the last one off. Looking forward to applying this with friends and family. Just had me thnking of relationships that i can't wait to call or text to let them know I'm thinking about them, investing in others returns so much and FEELS SO GOOD!!

i help clientes to fins products and serviços and tour videos are tayloreds to my nerds thanks,master!

This video gave me a deeper understanding of business and a larger view of what relationship could be. I Truly thank you Dan ! I also whant to learn from you

They don't want a plan, they want someone to really go through it with them, as if you life also depended on it. Thank you for this video Dan. You really made me reconsider how I operate my personal coaching business. I may give the term 'personal' coach a whole new meaning

Though we haven't met in person yet, by listening to your teachings you have shown me what I really needed- not just a mere teaching/video materials. I couldn't thank you enough for showing me that I needed – a mentor. I want to follow you and learn your ways It'll be a privilege and honor to be mentored by you.

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