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I was surprised how I accepted not having
health care for so long. This is the first time I’ve had health insurance. If not for the Affordable Care Act, yes, I
would still be uninsured. It was impossible to get good insurance on
the open market because of our pre-existing conditions. I was impressed that I had a lot of options
on all the different kinds of plans, bronze, the silver, the gold and the platinum I think
it is. I was able to view a screen with 76 health
insurance plans. If you can register for Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Pinterest, then you can definitely sign up for the Marketplace. Before the Marketplace, we were gonna pay
probably three times what we pay now. For me it just came down to pure math, pure
dollars and cents. For my health insurance I pay $65. $21. $15 a month, so that’s pretty awesome. I have so much peace of mind, just having
health insurance. The Affordable Care Act has allowed me to
literally pursue my dreams. For me it means that I can do both, pay my
rent and go to the doctor when need be. So I’m alive today because of access to health
care. I am cancer free because of the Marketplace.

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