Rapid Fire Feat. Tara (Vertical Worship) and Abbie (I AM THEY)

Hi, I’m Tara from Vertical Worship and I’m with Abbie from the band I Am They I’m going to ask her a series of questions in 30 seconds. Ok. Just watch. Nickname your parents called you? Abs I would jump a tree so fast Do you Instagram your food? No I don’t I don’t know how to use Instagram. Good? Okay. I don’t either favorite junk food Good. I don’t either. Favorite junk food. Um Cheetos If you were to buy me a present, what would you buy me? Oh my gosh. Mom jeans Last album you listened to? Paramore Cool. What did you want to be when you grew up? Um, a singer. Oh it’s over. What am I suppose to say?

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