Rapid Fire Feat. Jason Roy (Building 429) + Zach Williams

Hey guys, Zach Williams here. Got Jason from Building 429. We’re about to do some rapid fire. You ready to do it? Let’s go man. Let’s dive in here. Where are you from? Texas. Describe yourself in three words. Serious. Relaxed. And chill. Do you have any pets? Yes. If you could choose your nickname, what would
it be? Axel Roy. Favorite food. Pizza. If you could be any animal, what would you
be? A lion. Name something on your bucket list. Go to New Zealand. Favorite superhero. Batman. Who do you admire the most? Zach Williams. Gosh that went quick. That was so fast. We got to 9. You got 3 of them right. I got 3 right.

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