over the next few minutes your heart
will literally explode this little guy is called a Joey and this whole video is
all about them you wanted baby quokka videos will give you baby quokka
videos this will be the best baby quokka video of all baby quokka videos to exist
on the internet forever what’s that mr. quokka you think they should like the
video so soon because it’s so cute now let’s go on a little journey of the
quokka and what they do and have they’re born these guys these baby
quokka that you’re looking at on screen right now are called Joey’s ah cute
Joey’s can you be my new best friend baby closer so cute so cute do you know
that do you know how cute you are now a mother quokka can have one or two babies
per year ladies per year one being the most common because it’s so much effort
in raising them if she has a second baby the same year it was because
unfortunately the first baby didn’t make it oh there’s a lot of effort in raising
the babies because it’s in the mother’s pouch she has to take care of it and
it’s constantly suckling from her tits inside drinking all that nutritious milk
to help the baby grow you’re so freakin cute cutey you know
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and how many can she have in her lifetime I hear you ask between 12 to 17
babies that is a huge family of all these 17 babies and now let’s talk about
the birds and the bees sex so the guy finds his girl
they eventually like each other and then they mate for sex and then the baby gestates in the mother’s womb for about a month now this thing is like a tiny
little jellybean and that crawls from the mother’s womb into the mother’s
pouch and you stay there like the next six months it’ll suck a lot its mother’s
tit for milk it’ll stay nice and warm it’s super safe she can carry the young
while it grows as she hops around it’s just this beautiful marsupial lifestyle
little Joey quokka is growing up look at him becoming all confident sticking his
head out being like oh what’s out here this is interesting
oh I don’t like this but wait I’m curious what’s this whoa oh no no oh I’m
getting too big I can’t I’m falling out on them so after about six to seven
months the little Joey will gain his independence and get all the freedom so
he can hop around he doesn’t go in mother’s pouch anymore because he’s
clearly too big to fit in literally eating so much that it’s too heavy for
the mother to carry and too big to even fit in the pouch anyway he’s also weaned
off the milk so he starts eating stems and leaves and shrubs and whatever else
you can find so here
I go in unfair to my car well it’s kind of like life you know you finish school
and hopefully you go out into the world into university all right it’s time for
you to move out of the parents house I’m not paying your bills anymore I can’t
carry you under this wait go get a job go figure out your life you
are an independent adult with responsibilities now
so the teen and the mother will stick side by side and they’ll snuggle and
cuddle and that’s all cute and stuff and they’ll find all the food themselves but
but he’s like come on mom I just need some milk to keep me going for two more
months please please now ladies listen up because this one’s interesting what
part do you think the father the male plays in the raising of the little baby
package Oh hmm nothing how’s your father have you talked to your father in the
water no you don’t really hang out with him no zip
okay the guy however does one thing while the mother’s pregnant
he will fend off other predators or other males trying to either mate with
her or like attack her or yeah he’s there for the supporting role during the
picnic so tell me how’s your heart exploded with cuteness or are you
melting into this video oh I wish we all probably wish that the little babies
could just stay as little babies with our cute little cheeks cuz they’re so
fluffy and cute and like figuring out life but Daxon I don’t want the
video to end these babies are so cute well you are in luck my friends because
we are going to release part two of the babies so you can see just four
beautiful quokka baby adorableness and it’s so amazing so that will be up there
but also there’s this story of quokka mothers throwing their babies at
predators to defend themselves that video is there so go check that crazy
factors now the quokka just wants to confirm that at this point you have
already clicked like in this video so that they know that their cuteness is a
value you know like hey little Joey did you do you want to tell them something
yeah everyone you should subscribe because he’s gonna make lots of quokka
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