Quick Mill Andreja Premium Espresso Machine Review

the Quick Mill Andreia premium was the
first espresso machine that we added to our lineup after the red chile of silvia
it’s become the go-to machine for those that want steam on-demand but don’t
necessarily want to go up to the level of a double boiler I’ve always really
liked the classic aesthetic the clean lines of the Andreja and the fit and
finish especially on the drip tray I think it’s the best I’ve seen on a whole
machine the e61 grouphead is a time-tested design the group head itself
is made up of about nine pounds of chromed brass and copper tubing it’s
continually cycling hot water from the boiler through that group head so it
maintains a very stable temperature the under a premium has a heat exchanger
boiler which allows for simultaneous milk steaming and shopping well not
quite a double boiler the heat exchanger gives you steam on demand at a lower
price point the andreia premium can be directly plumbed to a water line with an
optional kit a nice feature of the andreja is there’s a very simple little hinged
water regulated on the top so you don’t have to remove your Debbie
comes to refill it this machine also has a hot water tap on the right hand side
for easy americano correctly the clean lines and relatively small footprint of
young beretta make it a great choice for those who want to enjoy a really good
high quality lattes and cappuccinos food strikes

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