Provident Real Estate Hosts a Jiu-Jitsu Against Bullying Class

(upbeat rock music) – Hey you guys it’s Nazar
with Provident Real Estate I’m here with Joe Mendoza and we just finished doing the anti-bullying session here called – It was JAB Jiu-Jitsu Against Bullying. – Absolutely. And we just had a lot of
fun, the kids a lot of fun and we just want to thank you
for coming out and enjoying being apart of Provident Real
Estate enjoying the JAB class. Learn how to defend
yourself against bullying. (upbeat rock music) – If somebody wants to fight with you, you basically say “Hey
no, I don’t want to fight. I’m sorry I don’t even know you. How could I even want to fight you?” (upbeat rock music) – So again, she pulling me. Keep pulling. So let’s say I’m her. Realistically she’s going
to pull me a little bit. So as she’s pulling me I’m gonna to move but it’s okay to move my base. I’m not moving I’m not- (footsteps) (upbeat rock music) – What we’re going to do is, I don’t want to fight. I’m here in my good boy stance, right? I don’t want to fight I have them here. I’m ready “Hey I don’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight.” She goes to punch, I block and I wrap. She goes to punch, I block and I wrap. I hug. I come around. (upbeat rock music) – I went to the JAB class today and it was honestly one of the best classes I’ve ever went to. It taught me a lot about anti-bullying, it taught me how to defend
myself against bullies. And he had a good time while doing it. I really appreciated
what he did for me and I hope I can meet him again. (upbeat rock music) – Sometimes a bully will come
up to you right and they’ll grab you grasp collar tight right? They want to pull you to the ground right? So there you go. She looked at me, she put her hips underneath her this angle now remember geometry? I have no power now. She’s gonna reach across with her hand go underneath grab the tricep look away peel it off pull it to the top of her chest she’s going shoulder to shoulder and now she’s just gonna dance like that – [Female] (laughs) – Take me to the ground. (upbeat rock music) – I had a really great time tonight. I got an awesome opportunity
to go to this class called JAB where it teaches you
all these self defense moves and how to get out of
tough situations with aggressive people like bullies and I got to learn a lot
of cool stuff that I’ll be able to use in real life. (upbeat rock music) – If you want to connect with him and you want to offer this for any of your class or whatever please contact Joe by – Well I’ve got an e-mail [email protected] – Okay awesome. Any other way- is that the best way to
get in contact with you? – That’s the best way right
now. That’s the best way. – Okay awesome. Alright you guys thanks for
watching have a great day.

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