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High-End puristic tube design. For natural and musical sound. The secret ingredients for world-class mixes are now available for the first time as native plug-ins. Native Instruments presents: The Premium Tube Series The Premium Tube Series evokes the high end sound of sought-after outboard gear, hauled into the present day and into your computer for boutique sound plus ultimate ease of use. Exquisitely modelled by the experts at Softube. The Passive EQ: Rich and highly musical. This EQ is an all purpose weapon for every stage of your production. The Vari Comp is a highly flexible compressor with a natural transparent sound. Just as comfortable working on individual instruments as on the stereo sum. The Enhanced EQ Unique, yet simple to use, this EQ fattens and enhances the low end and adds definition and clarity on the midrange. Get the secret weapons of the studios. Now available in the box. Also available as a specially priced bundle.


Its the question I guess Native Instruments and UAD and Waves and Oxford and everybody else who makes hardware are trying to answer, now whether it sounds like the emulated hardwares or none whatsoever is something that we have to discern for ourselves. I have the Steven Slate Analog Console stuff and it does its thing I must say even thought its very subtle!

I have been calling and emailing them everyday for 7 months straight to add mixing plugins into mashine and now I will be unstoppable… No need for a DAW anymore so I threw my protools away this morning!!!

Annnnnnnnd not gonna get it just yet, since the moment I do you'll announce Komplete 9 with 30 more plugins for just $200 more. 😛

WHAAATT!! I totally thought they finally got the picture but they missed the boat again! Nobody has the market on a box set of high end vocal tube pre-amps and that's what I thought this was..A NATIVE INSTRUMENTS version to that. Dammit, I was willing to spend a good chunk of change for it too, guess I'm keepin that!

That is all useless unless you have a good sounding control room and live room to work from. So before blowing money on anything expensive, Acoustic treatment should be the first port of call, Even better if you have a blank canvas to start with. Still even the small bedroom setups most people utilize can be drastically improved without spending a fortune…A pair of top of the range PMCs will still sound like shit in a shit sounding room/space. So every single part you mentioned = flawed

Lay off that crack pipe for a while and you might just be capable of stringing together a useful piece of your opinion. You totally forget the ability to actually write and record a "good" track. You have the term 'Construction Kit rapist' written all over you going by such priceless advice/wisdom

you are sure that Reaktor, massive, fm7, absynth, kontakt & co. are not worthy of a price to pay?.. for mastering effects are a little expensive, but I continue to trust their outstanding work. I love the effects of Softube but apparently they sell them their weight in gold .. I hope that NI will be able to sell them at half the price and I will buy them for sure.

I'm guessing english ain't his first language, but I've never tried crack so I guess can't say for sure. He does seem a bit to excited over these new plugs, maybe in his village Native Instruments and Universal Audio are the only brands available.

I wonder why the songs demos of the Pro effects products ( or equalization, or mastering ) have an exaggerated emphasis on the transient attacks, and are then voids of sustain transients … I wonder why they publicize effects for master track whith a song thath contains a thin battery, tambourines, and clean guitar with major chords .. When those effects are in the hands of customers, these effects, take out a full-bodied crazy sound .

no, you don't need expensive anything. you can buy a whole recording setup from Behringer for next to nothing and do some pretty amazing stuff. I also suggest you find a better translator program

If those sound similar to the UAD units, which is what I have learned to expect from Softube, then the price is actually pretty awesome. UAD charges 300$ for just one of those units, plus you need to take their hardware wherever you want them to run… NI doesn't even require an iLok. Well, one thing's for sure, they look slick as hell. Gonna demo those WRIGHT NAOW!

I record everything in a damp cellar and I have been known to smoke near my equipment, in fact I often blow smoke into my gear to give it a nice warm timbre

Installed them. Sound pretty damn great. Passive EQ and Vari Comp seem a bit heavy on the CPU but not over the top… well I guess that's just the trade off for high quality modeling. The more accurate stuff gets, the more there is to calculate, just like with 3D games or whatever…

umm u shitting me? 200 dollar is cheap for EQ… flexible and accurate EQ system is required in any music recording.. EQ is even used on shitty "beat" making..YOU OBVIOUSLY WASNT JOKING WITH THE LAST COMMENT… YOU MUST BE NEW HERE…

I bet it gives you that much sought after vintage seventies sound. When every great album was recorded. I am really jealous now

Not the case for Myself/My own control room and pretty much the numerous other people I know. The racks of outboard, Heck actually just the main desk cost alot more than the empty room did! You must of bought space in a really pricey area wherever it is you reside! JBL make nasty reference monitors (not in a NS-10m nasty type of manner either). Whatever floats your boat though

You obviously havnt used real EQs.. Have you heard of APIs? SSL? I'm a engineer in NYC and do you know what makes difference between Pros and "BEAT MAKERS"? We actually know how to use each hardwares and plugins.. and theres huge difference in quality and Algorithm between pro gear and cheap gear.. yeah there are cheaper gear that sounds good. and this Tube Series is one of them. KNOW YOUR STUFF BEFORE YOU TALK. Fruity Parametric. ha u gotta be shitting me. do u even know what parametric means?

Really? at least google that shit if u dont know.. So atleast u can convince me that you know what you are into.. heres audio 101 for u. u know how EQ controls boosts and cuts frequencies? and parametric EQ has Q controls on each of them. which narrows or widens the bandwidth. and as for differences between good gear and cheap gear? and for plugins, if they can do almost same exact algorithm as other expensive studio gear that is well known. that makes them good.

ummm go read my post again. did i say other "plugins"? and how the hell are u suppose to understand what im saying if u dont know basic stuff about audio?? Let me ask you this, what do u do with ur "EQs" that u "use"? why use EQ?
would you PreEQ as you track or as you mix?

Dude.. stop arguing with him… He's obviously a random idiot who followed a mixing 101 class and now thinks he's better than anyone in the whole world. And I wouldn't mind his idiotic elitist behaviour if he had any points at all. He obviously can't prove why these plugins are worth 200$ or why they're better than a free eq plugin so he keeps throwing random snotty attacks at you. Finally, I too believe this shit is overpriced and probably not worth the money.

@replying doesnt work because it doesnt show up in their inbox that you replied to them, and it's highly unlikely that they'll come back to the video and see your comment. Gotta use the reply button, or you'll just be wasting your time typing a comment they'll probably never see.

That's not a Pro Tools or NI problem. It's MIDI itself. It can't really be fixed. Back in the day MIDI used to panic with Hardware, and you literally had to shut it off to get it to stop.

I dunno man… I play a PRS through the DI in a focusrite isa one digital and its not dull at all… I have both guitarrig and amplitube and i prefer guitarrig.

I wanna check out softubes vintage amp room though…

solid mix series mk2, its so good i have, its beutifull, i love native instruments, its so good you can make subtle mastering or completely stylized beutifull sound, so natural or stylized you still have the most amazing sound ever

What's the difference between using the compressor in this plugin vs the native instruments vintage tube compressors

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