Premium Tank: Progetto M35 mod 46

The first Italian tank A Premium Tier VIII vehicle With a unique
autoreloading mechanic Join the event Complete all stages
of the Italian Challenge And get
the Progetto M35 mod 46 Stay tuned


AWW I will grind HARD to get this tank 😀 I hope it will be some kind of marathon like with the T25 Pilot 1

Will this be available to purchase if you don't have time to complete the 10 missions? If they are like the last 2 mission tanks will take a lot to get.

Tanks with this new mechanics can become beasts if they platoon. One or two can shoot all their shells like autoloaders and the third shoot like a regular tank while the others two realod.

Mon dieu Wargaming …. encore a la pèche aux pognon , et toujours des serveurs atroces …. ( Arnaque wargaming en approche encore )

I agree all new Italian tank and all bullshit… But come on WG those two tank can killout a TVP and T57? both these are the highest DPM autoloaders .. and don't forget about that AMX heavy..

Do not BUY this garbage. It will see only tierX. In fact, do not buy any tierVIII premium tank. The matchmaking is still and will remain broken.

The gem of music like "spaghetti western" is superb … congratulation, I would never have thought of such a nice welcome to the Italian tanks like this. Thanks WG!

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