Premium Tank: Mauerbrecher

What’s that sound? What’s that shaking? It’s the Mauerbrecher Heavily armored He blocks damage But deals it too! Be unstoppable! The Mauerbrecher Take it easy.


The worst premium tank I ever bought : super slow + the tank is made out off weak spots +super bad gun =not playeble for a heavy tank

This tank shouldve had defender level armor because its got nothing else going for it but it doesnt so no one plays it.

Wg releases op premium tank:
community complains it is op

Wg releases balanced tank with weakspots:
community complains it is underpowered

it doesnt block dmg cuzz of gold, it doesnt do dmg because german tank and rng, it isnt fun to play because arty

If you buff the armor of the tank I will buy it, otherwise not, I am not playing a tank that people can easily pen with heat or apcr.

I bought this in christmas time and its slow, gun ok in my opinion and 3 weakpoints at front and turret front cheeks easily penned so pretty bad armor in my opinion.

I like this tank. But the gun penetration is horrible. Especially when against russian heavy tanks. AP shells bounces right off.

Maybe fix the 3/5/7 template as you admit that tier 8s face tier 10s in 80% of cases. It should be a priority and it's one of the main reasons fewer and fewer players are on the servers (along with too powerful premium tanks, favoring Russian vehicles and not adding new maps every second patch – this game should have like 60 maps to have variety…)

The tank is still weak and I'm pretty sure people want the VK168 with no lame paint and 2 bikes! You know the one you probably gave it on Russian server!

I must say, this tank is weak.
What it is, 30 EURO with a discount?
I can buy a AAA game for that and enjoy it instead of suffering on this slow useless pillbox made of paper.

hello,i was banned yesterday because i killed 2 teammates by
accident. my username is NNSRB2005, i have tank O-I and i stuck with him half in air and then when my teammates come to help me they stuck under my tank and i killed them. Can You help me and unban me? because i love to play wot and i am banned for 2
months because i didnt do nothing. can you please help?

the tank is really bad its like a mause but crippled, to much weak points and they are really easy to hit. If the tank had not so big cupola its would be nice but the cupola, front flat part of the turret, machine gun port, lower plate are all weakspots so DO NOT BUY!!! But if you want a tank that goes 20km/h and will be penetrated by every player who's got some experience with the game. If you want a good german tier VIII super heavy go for the VK 100,01(P) that thank does not have a weak cupola and no machine gun port. (just spend the gold of the mauerbrecher on the grind to the VK) I got the mauerbrecher and i am waiting to trade it in voor a better tank.

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