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Hello, Viewers welcome to my personal experience
FLR(M) Application 2018. How are today everyone? Hope you all are well.
I’m also fine and I want to share my FLR(M) application experience to help my family,
friends and people and viewers. But this video doesn’t guarantee you will
get visa. This is my personal application experience
that I am sharing. I’m successful my all kinds of UK application. Watch my Video How
I am applying FLR M Spouse visa extension without solicitors. I’m not a solicitor.
If you watch my all parts of video, then you will learn and understand my successful experience
about UK spouse visa or FLR M application or Premium Service Application or Visa extension.
After that I will try to share my UK spouse visa, indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation
application. I will upload and update every video continuously also explain practically.
So that people understand easily. So, watch completely step by step my video
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requirements such as Financial requirements, Relationship Requirements, Accommodation Requirements.
Bye the way this is my first part of video and today just I will be sharing
How I booked Premium Service Appointment. What is Premium service benefit? Premium service
provides application result in same day. It is so expensive about fee £610 pounds. Some
people don’t like the service. They think it’s unnecessary and wasting money. Yes,
I’m agree with them. But some people want to know result instant, same as like me. Now
question is Why I chosen premium service? Because it is very helpful for who claiming
benefit. If I get result quickly, then I can let know them my council about my low income.
So, that’s why I chosen premium service. Let’s go to GOOGLE website and Look at my
laptop. Yes, now we are googling website. I can write
Premium service. You can look at the top. Press the link,
You can see governments site. Visa premium service centre. I can just read information
to confirm how I can book an appointment. It is two section one is no: 1 extend your
visa no: 2 settles in the UK. You must be applying from within the UK to use this service.
Most applications are processed on the same day if you bring all the information needed
to your appointment. It might take longer to get a decision if
extra checks are needed. Fees
It costs £610 for each person to apply at a premium service centre. You also have to
pay the standard application fee and the immigration health surcharge (if you need to pay it).
You do not have to pay the premium service fee if you’re applying for an European Economic
Area (EEA) registration certificate or to work in the UK as a Croatian national.
This is my first-time visa extension so I need to pay health charge £500 pounds.
I already paid Immigration health charge. If you want to know how I payed IMMIGRATION
HEALTH CHARGE, check another my video. Book an appointment
Check if you’re eligible to apply for the premium service.
If you’re eligible, you need to: Choose which premium service centre you want
to visit. Book an appointment in advance.
Pay the fee online when you book. Then Choose premium service centre. Now check
which one you need. Make sure also check what service they have.
Look at the opening and closing time.
Now You can book a premium service appointment up to 45 days in advance.
You must attend your appointment before your current visa or leave expires or your application
could be refused. How you book your appointment depends on what you’re applying for. Its
depends visa category and circumstances. My application type is spouse visa extension
first time. Remain in the UK with family – applying in
the partner, family life as a partner or private life in the UK route.
Remember appointment outside office hours, you’ll have to pay an extra £75 fee if
you book an appointment time outside normal office hours, for example:
before 9am, Monday to Friday after 4pm, Monday to Friday
on Saturday You must arrive for a security check 15 minutes
before your appointment. After the security check, you must go to the
reception and provide your: payment confirmation
completed application form supporting documents for your visa application
IHS reference number, if you need one Your biometric information, such as fingerprints
and a photograph, will be taken at your appointment. Who should come with you
Any dependants named on your application must come with you to your appointment.
You can also bring anyone else you need, for example carers, other family members or legal
representatives. Maximum people get decision on the same day.
You will usually receive your BRP within 7 to 10 days
Im understand information now book a day. Press it. In order to complete the booking,
you will need: passport details for all applicants
date of birth for all applicants a payment cards.
Now click the book now. Yes, there is four options. Complete step by step.
1) start 2) personal details 3) pay 4) download and print.
Are you currently live in the UK? YES. Then Save and continue.
Now I need to register with valid email. I’m writing my optional email address.
Now create password and continue. Yes, you can click here to save password for
next time to use. Your application types. Transfer or replacement, settlement, further
leave to remain. It is for me. If any other people depends on circumstance.
Some people they different situation. So, I need further leave to remain. Now which
form I completing? FLR(M) yes, this one for me. Then save and continue. Personal information
now need personal information, and everything, so guys its very easy.
First step is 1) Start is done, second is 2) Personal details. Already I paid IHS fee.
Now typing details MR and given name. any other name now. because already I booked appointment.
Save and continue. Now your telephone number.
Save and continue. Look at this is gone complete. Your nationality,
date and country of birth. Nationality I can put in any other country because already I
booked. I’m just showing how I did. Then do you
have a valid passport or a copy of the information on the photo page. Yes, passport number or
travel documents reference number. I can write unknown number. Something like that. Save
and continue. Now I don’t need to add someone because
I am applying myself. Continue, now immigration health surcharge.
This site for pay health surcharge. Enter now my immigration health surcharge number.
That I paid before and received number. I put in secretly, I hide it for privacy reason.
Look at this I already paid £1643-pound total. It is booking fee £610 plus and application
fee £1033. Let’s go next save and continue. Now choose
a premium service centre. Which centre I want to book. I know Croydon centre for FLR(M)
application. This is the centre and save and continue again.
So guys now I’m ending last stage. First step, second step and third step page done.
After that I choose a day and time look at this. Any day and confirm. I will get received
email confirmation letter also reference number with IHS and successful payment details.
Then I can download and print. The last print page is very important for appointment day.
When entering to the centre security check they will ask or want to see booking reference
number, and applicants details. Who is applicants. Make sure when create email address must write
your valid email address. Home office will send email one by one every time about appointment.
Another thing is very important is select a date to see next 10 available appointment.
Change the date to see more appointment. There is an additional charge of £75.00 GBP per
applicants for outside office hours appointment. Is the same thing before I told? Before 9
AM and after 4 PM and on Saturday, if I book an appointment, then I need to pay extra £75
pounds. So, now if choose a day then next to see time.
Set time, save and continue. Then they will send declaration or notification by email
about all information. So, guys thank you, see you soon with next
video. Next video my Documents List. Bye.


Thank you very much
Premium services booking.
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Hi brother, i need to send flrm next month and i want to do premium service ,thanks to you i know how to book an appointment, all i want to know is for premimum booking appointment do i have to fill flrm form online or do i have to fill it on paper and take it with me on the appointment day,

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