Premium Plush Carpet: Visual Beauty from Empire Today

This is Visual Beauty, a first-class
carpet in every sense of the term. Visual Beauty carpet from Empire Today is stain
resistant, pet friendly, and incredibly soft. First, let’s talk about stain
resistance. Visual Beauty is protected by R2X stain resistance, which helps keep
spills near this carpet’s surface rather than deep in the fibers. This makes
cleanup that much easier. Pet-friendly carpet?! That’s right,
carpet and pets can coexist. Pet urine protection helps protect this carpet
from pet urine stains, making cleanup that much easier. Finally, Visual Beauty
is incredibly soft. Wait, carpet is soft!? Shocking, I know.
But Visual Beauty is truly luxurious. This is carpet you can lounge on during
movie nights with the kids or while reading a good book next to the dog.
Don’t take what goes under your feet for granted. Carpets should be resistant to
stains, pet friendly, and above all, incredibly soft. Visual Beauty has all
three. Live your life on Visual Beauty carpet from Empire today. See Visual
Beauty in person when you schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate. (Jingle) 800- 588-2300 Empire Today


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