Hi sean, are you sure you have the 706 metal geared premium label because even with the standard 4.8 battery it comes with it still performs this lifting power but slower. Only fitted 7.2 for more quicker movements and off road on grass & mud terrain as 4.8 does not have enough power to drive the wheels on harsh ground. Thanks for comment hopefully will be putting more vidoes up soon.

hello lee newman , incredible the resistance and variability of the power possibilities
i have  all the hobby engine premium 2.4 ghz models since many years including the new track loader .i started only 2 month ago videos on dailymotion ( hobby engine )
i blocked very soon the rear differential of the loader but never tried more tension
now i will first try the 5 cell 6 v acu which i use often in the track loader ( normaly 7.2)
i use even very often 4.8 v in the track loader who comes with the 7.2 v pack    

Hello, I am thinking about purchasing one of these, would it be possible if you made a video of a walk around the vehicle and or digging and lifting sand. Your Video has inspired me to get one of these so thank you so much 🙂

is this one the one in the video

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