PREMIUM Filipino Street Food | Pungko Pungko Sa Fuente, Cebu City

today I’m headed to FuenteCircle
smack-dab in the middle of Cebu City to to get some premium street food, just off
the big roundabout on a quiet side street you’ll find some really really
good Street food, pungko pungko to be exact, in a previous episode I ate pungko pungko at the street level squatting on a kiddie chair and all, but today I’m going
for the VIP Street food extravaganza pungko pungko Sa Fuente is the king of pungko pungko in Cebu City and they offer an upgraded premium experience, no longer
squatting under umbrellas, patrons can now enjoy delicious oily fried foods
while sitting at mini bars under a solid steel roof gotta have another longanisa, it
was so good crab head for sure so good and this,
smallest one I could find, contrary to what it may sound like, the intestines
are incredible easy to eat as they’re fried to the point of being crispy like chips,
with my hands and plate wrapped in plastic along with a mountain dew by my
side I’m ready for battle okay so for round two I got thin
pork chops deep-fried very chewy, another crag because I love
them so much, longanisa, and I know you can’t see it right now, looks like the
pork chop but we got a spring roll it’s so so oily oh my goodness I just reloaded all onions so onions pungko pungko is heavy eating and not
something you can do every day but if you’re in cebu city you don’t want to
give pungko pungko sa fuente a pass

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