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Mr. Director, Flo! Can I review Suavecito Premium today? Do what you want! Allright. Here we go. Hello and welcome to another review here at PomadeShop. My name is Andy and I’m finally back again here in our showroom in Ottobrunn. I can’t wait to finally show you a pomade again, test it and tell you something about it. Before we start I want to thank all of you for your convalescence wishes you sent me. Unfortunately I was sick for a few weeks, but now I’m fine again, as you see. So I will make videos more often again. I hope you’re looking forward to that. I’m very happy about it. And I also want to thank you for all your comments and likes. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, I highly recommend to do that here, so you will always be informed about our upcoming videos and we are happy about every single subscriber. As you have already seen in the intro, this video is about a product by one of my favourite brands: Suavecito from Santa Ana, California. Today’s product is a very special one. This one is a so called UWB pomade – an unorthodox waterbased pomade. What is that? It is basically a hybrid of a classic oilbased pomade and a waterbased pomade. That means the handling is like an oilbased pomade. You can apply it easily your hair stays flexible. It also contains many nourishing oils, which are: lanolin oil, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, lavender oil. All in here. So it won’t dry out your hair. And the big advantage in my opinion is, that you can wash it out with only water. It won’t get hard, it always stays combable and it has a very nice an decent shine. Not too shiny, but also not matte. And what I also like about this pomade is, that it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances. You can only smell the main ingredients and the oils slightly. As you can see, I hope you can, it doesn’t look like a classic waterbased pomade, but more like a hair cream. And that’s also what it feels like. It’s pretty soft. Not as soft as a Nivea creme for your face or something like that, but it has some structure to it. And it’s very easy to apply. For my thin hair it works very good. When I married, I used this pomade, so this is like my wedding pomade. I’m very happy to test it now with you. As you can see, I take quite a big amount. I noticed that it doesn’t hold very well, if I take less. So I have to take a little bit more. Not as much as Flo usually takes, but for me it’s pretty much. Applying works as always. I realize now that I forgot to moisten my hair before. It’s not necessary with this pomade, but I usually like to do it. But since I already have the pomade on my hand, let’s try it without hair tonic. I would have used the classic Lucky Tiger 3 Purpose Hair Tonic. It’s an oilbased hair tonic, which works very well with this unorthodox waterbased pomade. But let’s see, how it works without hair tonic. It’s the same as always. You rub it between your hands thoroughly, until the pomade is warm and all over your hands. I have already defined my side part a bit and apply the pomade now. From top to bottom, from left to right. You know how it’s done. It doesn’t work, if you just put the pomade on top of your hair and the lower hair doesn’t get any of the pomade. Then you won’t get a good hold nor a nice hairstyle. So take your time and apply it thoroughly. And what I can say now, it would have been nice to have some hair tonic. So I try something different now. Why not take some hair tonic now? Let’s see how it works. A little splash. I don’t take too much for now. And it actually works. You can also apply hair tonic after the pomade without any problems. And I notice, it makes everything smoother. Let’s clean my hands. And then I style my hair how I want to. We always get questions like you all have those classic hairstyles like a side part or a pomp or whatever. It really is how we always say. Pomade is for every hairstyle. The pomade itself doesn’t care about how you style your hair with it. You just have to find the right pomade for you. And then style your hair just how you want it. Combing my hair is very easy with this product. It doesn’t feel like a heavy product at all in the hair. It doesn’t make my thin hair, which really get less and less, too heavy at all. That means you can really comb your hair anytime throughout the day, if you want to. But as far as my experience with this pomade goes, that it really keeps your hair in place when it’s applied well, which works best with much combing. But you probably know that, sometimes you bump your head somewhere or whatever. Then it’s absolutely no problem to comb your hair back in place. So Like always I don’t comb for hours. Let’s just make it quickly. What you can maybe see is, when you have less hair in the front, you have to be careful, that your hair doesn’t stick together. And that’s a great thing about this pomade. Because it lets your hair seperated and it doesn’t stick together. So get an illusion of a little bit of volume to my hair. And of course there are some fly-aways, which you can get in place with a bit of hair tonic, but for my thin hair in the front it doesn’t look too bad. I hope you agree with that. So as you can see, I’m in love with this product. The idea of combining best of both worlds, also stated here on the box, which says: “oilbased formula and waterbased formula combined”, is realized very well with this product. It’s the Premium Series, which means it does not only come in this beautiful wide tin, but also in this recycled paper box with a very nice design, I have to say. So it really sets itself apart from the standard plastic tins by Suavecito. The shine is not too much, as you can see. It holds very well. Like I said before, I used it for my wedding and it lasted the whole day. Sweat because of the excitement before and also at the after party couldn’t destroy my hair. I really like this product. The scent is extremely decent, so you can also sit in a small office and no one will be disturbed by the scent. So it’s a really great product. I have to use a little bit more of it than my usual amount, but it’s still not very much. There are 113g of pomade in one tin. So it’s a good amount, which will last you quite a while. And of course it’s better to use some shampoo additionally, but it’s also possible to wash it out with only water. You know you can buy it here, at PomadeShop. Usually you can also get it at your local barber shop. If not, you could ask your barber to order it for you, or whatever. If you have questions about the product, feel free to ask. If you have suggestions or comments, leave them down below. We try to answer all of it. Also subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t yet. Watch our other videos. There are many videos about literally everything you can say about pomade on this channel now. We hope you like it. I personally hope you liked this video. I’m glad to be back again. Have a nice day. Thanks for watching. Bye bye!


Willkommen zurück👋, schön mal wieder etwas von dir zu sehen😃.
Erneut ein informatives Video👌, ich war nur etwas irritiert als du nicht zuvor zum Hair Tonic gegriffen hattest 😉. Freu mich auf die folgenden Videos.
LG ans ganze Team

Hi Andy Tolles Review, freut mich das es dir wieder gut geht🙂 Die würde mich auch mal Reizen auszuprobieren😀 Hätte kleine bitte, wenn du Zeit hast, könntest du dich mal melden bei mir. LG Roland Bro

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@Andy, freu mich das es dir wieder gut geht und du bist Weltklasse!

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