Petra – The Trip Of A Lifetime

After spending some time in Amman It was now time to head to Petra the task of taking us safely to Petra would be in the hands of Walid our driver a Friendly guy who taught us a bit about the Jordanian culture along the way Driving from Amman to Petra will take you about 3 hours If you choose to make the drive yourself, you should be fine. The roads are good So just follow the signs that are also in English Traveling to Petra is on the top of most people’s bucket list and rightfully So it is an unbelievable sight to see and now one of the seven new world wonders All right. We are in Petra and we are about to explore it. We’re at the Lost City You guys wanna say anything before we start exploring? Yea its great I’m actually hot right now Let’s go explore. Here we go The best time to visit Petra’s in the spring and autumn as temperatures aren’t so high and the crowds are smaller The walk down into Petra is fairly easy take your time and carefully look at all the sights and the rocks along the way It is about half a mile from the entrance to one of the most well known sites is Siq. Welcome to second Alaska. How you doing folks. It’s a great day. Nice to meet you No, no you and I don’t have the same mother. Move away No No We didn’t agree to anything bout if I change my mind. I am I got my three wives with me today The Siq is the main road to the city of Petra It ends at the Treasury and is roughly 1.2 kilometres long Walking the 1.2 kilometer trail through the Siq into the center of Petra is a walk back into time At a reasonable pace it will take around 30 minutes to walk from the entrance along the Siq to the treasury Ooo Roger This is Petra Still can’t make it to the main part yet because we keep stopping for pictures, but it is amazing as you can see Everybody’s is taking boomerangs and shit for Instagram, but definitely a beautiful place and we haven’t even seen the best part yet Its cool, its beautiful you can’t really capture it from the camera. It is 100% natural beauty Just walking the Siq is worth a visit to Petra but so much more is waiting for you and you know it So at every curve you wonder if you’re going to spot the Magnificent treasury Maybe the next curve or maybe the next and then it appears Getting the glimpse of the treasure is something you anticipate the whole walk and it does not disappoint After walking through the Siq the mile long gorge that leads into Petra your jaw will drop when you see one of the main attractions the treasury exploring the treasury takes time because you will walk around the ground level and Then hike to the top of the hill where you can get a top view The hike is a bunch of steps and relatively exhausting but definitely worth it Come mon you won’t fall just hold on Thats amazing We go up there? All right. I just hope that I dont f%&*@#G fall There are two ways to view the Treasury from above One is a more official way and the other way is much shorter the Al madras trail Since we were pressed for time we chose the shorter route. If you’re facing the Treasury, the trail will be to your left. Kiss my mother*****g ass What is this? Yo we gotta go down that? Shit…. This is the way? Go. Holy Shit You don’t need to be a mountaineer to conquer the climb But I would suggest going with a local guide because the trail isn’t clearly marked and it’s easy to get lost Seeing the Treasury from above is a chance to appreciate the lunar like landscape that surrounds Petra largely all to yourself as few visitors op for this journey We made it up here. It’s not a easy trek I can tell you that much but the views are amazing Not sure if I came here at the best time because the sun is blocking some of it And Im not seeing all of it in the sun light because some is being blocked by shadows I experienced it. Now to get the hell back down there Half-way Tree Half-way Tree. Downtown, Downtown The Monastery is the largest monument in Petra And also one of the most challenging spots to reach. We decided to op for a donkey ride instead of walking all the way Even with a donkey it will still take you almost an hour to get there from the Treasury I’m a huge animal lover and I know donkeys are strong animals So I felt like this was an okay thing to do. This would save us time yet still remain adventurous I must advise you that this method is probably not the safest way to go. Riding the donkeys will be at your own risk. Don’t know if this was a good idea Oh Shit Oh my God Oh buddy Why did he stop? Why did he stop? Whoa, buddy, O My god wait, we’re going through this shit yo Watch my head. Oh my god. Watch your head. Oh, sorry, sorry Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. Well This is definitely been an adventure Don’t think I want to take this back down the monastery is at the top of 850 very steep and uneven steps and climbing these steps on a donkey is a ride You won’t forget as we made the climb There were numerous times where I almost fell off the donkey as it leap from step to step I could hear the others in the back yelling This was a bad idea and they wouldn’t take the donkey’s back down which would turn out to be a lie As we made our way to the top I was screaming and laughing my ass off at the same time Trying to stay on as these donkeys walk really close to the edge of the cliff. It was nerve-racking, but I still loved it Hey buddy, you’re too close to the edge Andromita you can’t be falling off a horse Andromita With a name like that. You can’t be falling off a horse My god, we’re almost at the top ladies and gentlemen, we’re almost there. This has been one hell of a donkey ride This has been the most entertaining donkey ride I’ve ever experienced in my life All just to get a sunset. Oh Just to get a sunset that holy shit. Look over there to the left Well, ladies and gentlemen it is to die for not literally, but you know Need you guys to tell me about your ride Yes, we know you’re a rider It was too much I’m not doing it again Wow Monastery is bigger than the Treasury and it’s a sight to behold You will also find less tourists here and have it almost all to yourself. It’s a very beautiful structure and incredibly well-preserved It’s best to visit a monastery in the afternoon to get those warm golden colors with the Sun slowly setting If you decide to do that, be prepared to head back in the dark. It was interesting getting here, but the views are amazing I smell something nice and Okay, that guy is full of lyrics. Say if she’s from Heaven It was now time to head back and this would be another adventure in complete darkness The ladies were a bit scared and they had every reason to be but I felt completely fine and was enjoying every bit of it Being out here in the night on your own is not something I would recommend Thankfully we all made it back safely Till nighttime and we’re riding back to the entrance of Petra A guide took set on Simone and says she is his Queen and gave her the best donkey left us with the lazy donkey. WTF, don’t you see me doing a story? Whats up? What? Tenille and I are in the back With the lazy donkey while Simone in the front on Queen donkey. He said he would give Simone 100 camel to have her. I said take her ass Riding back into Petra. You talk about adventure These are the adventures of Roger B Stillz Phil is petrified back there She is petrified she’s just dying to go home that little dot of light over there That’s to show you how dark this place is at night However, in the day it is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen We’re at Petra by night and this is the line to get in to see the night show And here we have the team and we better hope Limpy could make it down there Better hope Limpy could make it because there’s no carriage in the night Petra by night. This is the crowd. It’s ridiculous. The gates not even open yet and it’s already packed. Petra by night is not included with your standard Petra entry ticket. Petra by night runs every Monday Wednesday and Thursday with around 1,500 candles lighting the route along the Siq to the Treasury. Along with the beautiful views there are tales from local Bedouin people and live music That is basically it oh There’s some free tea included as well. The experience begins at 8:30 p.m. And finishes at 10:30 p.m If you have 17 dinars to throw around then definitely check it out. If you don’t then just stick to the Magnificent Petra by day. Do you see that behind me? Yes that is Petra by Night Petra you were amazing. Thanks for having us. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go O Shit, why did I have to be in the front? Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe like and share you could also follow me on instagram at Roger B Stillz


Roger and the girls
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i was very prourd to work with them
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