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>>FRETT: I joined the Peace Corps in the
early nineties, so between 1992 and 94.
[pause] I served in Lesotho which is in Southern Africa,
it’s a small country surrounded by South Africa. [music]
The United States Peace Corps in an incredible way to show the best face of, of this country,
to people who live in the developing world. [music]
I think, I like most people that join the Peace Corps, it’s a life-changing experience.
[pause] It set the stage for everything I’ve done
afterwards. I joined the Peace Corps with the hope that I would be able to do something
to help people, and really what I found was a career path.
[music] As a Peace Corps volunteer you don’t think
much about your own health care, for the most part, many volunteers think more about the
people that they’re trying to help in the developing countries where they work.
[music] I would say in general that women do not enjoy
the same choices around reproductive health that they would as any other woman who experienced
in the United States and in some cases they will not even have the same rights and choices
as the woman who lives in that host country. [music]
I am not aware of other sectors of the US government where women don’t enjoy similar
health care choices and services as they would receive in the United States.
[pause] More than 60% of Peace Corps volunteers are
women. [music]
Women in the Peace Corps should be able to make personal health care decisions.
[pause] Women in the Peace Corps deserve the same
access to health care as any other woman serving our country.
[pause] Women in the Peace Corps should never have
to face sexual assault. But if and when they do, they should have access to comprehensive
sexual and reproductive health services. [music]
Only a small technical fix to the current policy would allow women in the Peace Corps
to have access to the health services that they need.
[pause] No Peace Corps volunteer should face life
endangerment because they have no access to procedures that are available here in the
United States [music]

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