Patriot Insurance

The northeast. There is something very different about it. Maybe it is the salt air… Or a secret whisper from the rustling leaves. Here, new adventures are just down the next trail. At Patriot Insurance, we were born in the northeast. Founded by people whose families have lived here for generations. When we started Patriot Insurance, we built it from the ground up… And we’ve continued to grow. Because of the roots in our community and the solid relationships we have built with our customers and our agents… We’ve proven ourselves over time. Because at Patriot Insurance, we stand true to our word. Life is about the journey Which is why before we even talk about insurance… we need to know where you are going. It begins with a true conversation. Let’s talk about your business… Where are you exposed to risk? By helping you plan for the unexpected… we can free you from worry so you can set your sights on loftier goals. Let’s talk about your home and auto. Are you truly covered for every thing life or Mother Nature could send your way? With our help, you’re free to sit back and relax. Let’s talk about the future. If anything were to happen to you, will your family be taken care of. We’ll help give you the freedom to explore and enjoy today without worrying about tomorrow. At Patriot Insurance, we believe in the power of these conversations. You see, we think insurance is too important. Sure, with some companies you can buy it within 15 minutes. But how much peace of mind does that buy you. After all, we are talking about your business. Your home and auto. Your life. It deserves a conversation with a real person. That’s why we only use local independent agents. Because we believe insurance should be a true partnership. Patriot Insurance. Talk to a true expert today.

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