Overflowing Office – GEICO Insurance

Uh-oh, looks like someone’s still nervous about buying
a new house. Is it that obvious? Yes it is. You know, maybe you’d worry less
if you got GEICO to help with your homeowners insurance. I didn’t know GEICO could helps
with homeowners insurance. Yep,
they’ve been doing it for years. What are you doing? Big Steve? Thanks, man. There he is. Get to know GEICO and see
how much you could save on homeowners and
renters insurance.


Geico, never fails to make funny videos.

Also, 🤔 too bad i am not a guy, nor have a significant other.

There’s only 2 balls in the world that can reveal this stress and there right here next to my pool stick. White ball into the 8 ball and game over. Why ? What did you think I meant ?

I love this add its so 😂 funny😂 I like could watch this all day BTW were in the ever living world did you get that many stress Ball's? Y'all must of hade so much fun doing this add!😝

Another episode of Why Youtube recommending this to me also isn't this the same guy from those Samsung mocking apple commercials? Did he get fired from apple?

I used to think that Geico was called gotta go because someone always leaves at some point during the commercials xD

Hey, we recognize those blue brains and red hearts! It was awesome working with you, Geico. This high five is for you! – Your friends at Quality Logo Products

I've seen that long haired guy in plenty of commercials but don't know who he is…mom bold face said it was Blanket Jackson.

That would actually be a lovely thing to have I'm not even gonna lie. Apparently the efficacy of stress balls is based on quantity and this man has it down.

Thank you geico for putting the cast in the description. I have been looking for the “co-worker” since the Samsung Ingenious commercials

It makes no sense why the guy lis intentionally sinking himself into all those balls. Was this a suicide attempt? Very stupid. And then he just pops back up after intentionally sinking himself????? Please tell me how that makes sense. I always seem lose at least 10 IQ points everytime I watch a Geico commercial

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