Once in a Lifetime | Poem

There’s people that make you wish you could live in a singular moment forever So you take pictures and videos
You look at it again and again
watch it over and over Reaching to remember those moments that happened in between each take and shot They make your heart grow
holding more love than you knew was possible People that make you feel like there’s greatness waiting inside of you Like you can take on the whole world as long as they’re by your side Nothing seems scary
The universe seems small
Everything feels familiar and exciting People that will work to see you smile
Go out of their way just so you can have a better day They teach you about kindness and forgiveness They teach you about yourself
Noticing details and quirks
That have changed over the years And others that have stayed the same People who you’ve managed to find in your messy life
And stay with And day dream about the speech you’ll give at their wedding one day And what matches tattoos you should get
And how you should go sky diving And buy an apartment in a far away country
And study what you love
Together You make promises and pinky swears and you plan and you hope But you never really know what’s coming
But I’m here now But We’re here now I try to make sense of the magic that happens
During sunset
And Late nights When my friends are close by
How could I ever feel alone again when I know what this feels like And you can’t help but wonder what if
What if I never feel like this again What if I don’t find a home
Like I’ve found in you Will I find people who push me to be great
Who support me
And care what I create At least I know that I’ll always have someone to call or text to get the courage to take a leap (screaming) (cheering) Oh my god!


Nice poem 🙂 Liked and subscribed.

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This reminds me of when the main character in a 90's early 2000's teen tv show learned a lesson. I love it.
(Fran brought me from her video to you!)

Glad to have those present people in my life. Thanks for reminding me it's important to remember those that support us to help us have the courage to leap. I don't ever feel alone.

one of those videos I can watch a thousand times and still be facinated by every bit of it…
thanks for spreading a little bit of love in this world.

please don't mind grammar mistakes, Belgium is my homeland ♥

this is so beautifully put together! fuelled by story and emotion and reality and magic 🙂 this is the first video of yours I've watched and I'm looking forward to finding more creative stuff on your channel!

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