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5..4..3..2..1… Aarppo.. Irroooo.. (It’s something that is said loudly to let everyone know that the festival has started) It’s going to be so silent from now on.. Only the sound of cracking papads can be heard When we asked our friends that if we can celebrate Onam together the first thing they all asked is this.. What all food items will be there for the Sadhya? So, we started our Onam Celebrations with Onassadhya (Vegetable feast on a banana leaf) Anu and I went for shopping couple of days prior to the celebration day As everyone was busy during the weekdays, we celebrated Onam during the weekend After coming back from office, we cooked puli inji kalan pineapple pulissery Plantain skin and red beans Beetroot pulissery Baby jackfruit crushed 😛 Pazham Pradhaman Kheer Zamin, Anoopettan and I cooked all these before our friends come back from work on friday Like Aladdin’s Genie, Terin kept on asking what is next to do? Arun wanted to keep on cutting vegetables without moving from where he was sitting Bini was also busy cutting vegetables Super Anoopettan.. He says Super whenever he cooks something yummy and if liked it.. Zamin, Me, Nikita, Mahesh, Megha, Alpha.. We all were there too As we eat vegetarian feast for Onam tomorrow, Zamin and Alpha together prepared a special yummy chicken curry for dinner that day We had our dinner and then slept to wake up early next day. On Onam celebration day, we all got up and got ready wearing kerala traditional attire. Wow, these are the Sadhya items, do you like our Onassadhya food items..? The main struggle was to get the BANANA leaf for the Sadhya We did not get them from any indian grocery store or american stores Got them from Korean/Chinese/Asian grocery store. Good that the banana leaf is widely used for cooking Asian cuisines We got really lucky when we got FROZEN Banana leaf that day We then cleaned the leaves and used them for our Sadhya We all worked hard happily to prepare around 35 food items for the Sadhya. Counting salt too okay.. 🙂 (We normally sit down in ‘Padmasana’ to eat the Sadhya) Me: oh this is a good exercise to bend down and serve.. friend: Yeah, that’s okay. We are going to eat right.. so It’s fine.. 🙂 Think about that and go on Friend: How will we eat food properly in this small leaf? Friend: There is no sufficient place to mix all curries and eat 🙁 Me: Let’s try, serve curries a little.. That’s when Zamin got an IDEA that we can put one more leaf next to this one and eat And that idea worked really well for us ! So we started Onam Olympics (called it so just coz we have planned for some games too) with ‘Eating competition’ We all participated and competed really well. 🙂 No idea who ate how many rounds We kept on eating.. One round of rice with daal curry, then another one with sambaar Then Semiya kheer, Banana kheer Then next round with curd and Rasam It was Anoopettan’s birthday on the day we celebrated Onam So we celebrated his birthday as well. All our friends were already there It is our dearest Anoopettan’s birthday today and we are going to celebrate together Happy birthday to dear Anoopettan Anoopettan made a pookkalam (flower design) on Zamin’s face with cake Zamin is acting as if he is innocent So next is going to be ‘Singing competition’ 😛 All of us participated in that too. It was really fun… Participants: Our food ambassador Nikita, Arun who got too tired after having the Sadhya Our Sadhya eating competition winner Reshma Our mimicry artist Alpha Reshma’s friend Krunaal Terin who started photography on Onam day Vivek, who is waiting for the Onam games And this is Vivek’s friend who visited us from another state that day Mahesh who got defeated in eating competition by Reshma and now challenging Reshma in Singing competition (I made up with that.. 😛 ) Zamin who is acting like an innocent one, but the mischievous one.. Angel, the best singer in our gang Anu who makes all our gatherings colorful and superb and was only my own, now everyone’s own 😛 Bini, the one who sings when anytime mic is given to her and smiles when there is a camera in front of her.. We all voted for Angel as her singing was the best that day.. We took rest for some time.. and.. Now it is time for Outdoor games We are playing ‘Placing the Bindi for the beautiful lady’ game hehe.. Using the marker, the bindi (dot) has to be made in between the eye brows And the person should be blind folded. She just kept her eyes closed and played instead She says: I have never been so honest 😀 We did not have a beautiful lady photo, so we drew this.. It did not turn out beautiful, but we played with it. By then, it got too dark, but we played two more games We then played ‘Spoon lemon race’ and ‘Fill water in a bottle’ At night, one of our friends came who could not come during the day We got a ‘mundu’ for him to wear and served him Sadhya on the last banana leaf that we had Then we kept all the food items back in fridge Slept peacefully, got up the next day and while having the breakfast, We got a news about ‘Onam Celebration’ by Kerala Association at Seattle Washington’ which is going to happen the next weekend We booked tickets that day itself And the next weekend, we went there for Onam celebration Washington Malayali Association arranged this Onam celebration We reached there, got the tickets, waited in the queue for some time, and finally.. again.. Onassadhya.. All of us enjoyed having Onassadhya again.. After that, we went to the auditorium for seeing the Onam programs Maveli was also there visiting us for Onam Our Onam 2019 celebrations got over… and we came back home happily Seattle Malayalees are so happy seeing Mahabali Mahabali: I am also very happy that I could come and see everyone here Thanking God/Almighty for giving me this opportunity Hope you all liked our Onam 2019 celebrations and Anoopettan’s birthday and our Games Will see you next time with another vlog If you enjoyed this video, please like, comment and share with family and friends Also, please subscribe the channel and press the bell icon for receiving notifications when new videos are uploaded Happy ONAM friends.. Thank you so much, May you all celebrate ‘Onam’ every day in your life. Happy ONAM 🙂

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