He's fighting a rearguard retreat all the way to the next disaster. He can calmly spout whatever he wants, the conditions he's "enabled" through his paltry actions and glaring inactions in the ME, set the stage for the next catastrophe in the ME and Europe not to mention the US. Just use your imagination or watch Homeland. Nevertheless, given that the US is in economic straits and that ISIS like Al Queda target the advanced economies, we have to be understanding of his lack of involvement, much damage has already been done. I just feel sorry for the millions of victims of unchecked cruelty fueled by medieval Islam.

Ban the kkk and other militia terroist groups in Amerikkka too, white Caucasian has murdered more people in the world before there ever was an Isis and they are still doing it….

Mr Obama is more likely updated with Hollywood celebrities – like Kanye West (whom he had given some advices, well for sure he love the Kardashians like Kanye does); Beyoncé (that beautiful body – he will love her wife could have that booty)………  As for golf plays, Mr Obama can take pleasures there's a year ahead to take chances for dream of "eagles or birdies". Go for the hole, whatever wet and/or wild. Have a hot coffee.

http://www.npr.org/2015/12/21/460281332/obama-makes-no-apologies-for-fighting-isis-within-american-values Watch the whole thing not a sound bite.

There is no Isis. It's a bunch of cia dudes dressed in brand new clean uniforms running around parading through cities taking pictures and shooting their guns off into the distance. It's all designed to get us into a war in Syria to allow Assad to get his oil pipeline so the us can make money off it. They're pissed because the oil black market has gotten too big.

Obama is the lowest form of scum on earth, a puppet, he will go down in history as the worst puppet president, devil worshiping scumbag

blames everyone and everything but himself…
typical narcissist.
get michelle a vacuum for Christmas, so I can watch her beat you to death.

When I read the nonsense and stupidity coming out of some of you about Obama, ISIS, and politics I understand the danger of teaching an idiot to read and write because that is all they are going to transmit STUPIDITY!! Take education as a privilege and honor not as a right!! It is then that u will value it and use it to help society and not hinder it with your idiotic comments!

CNN believes his BULLSHIT so does NPR. You can't convince the rest of us. Maybe Josh Ernest, Bernie Sanders, Hillary, and some other minions.

Terrorists shoot up California, and Obama says 1) too many damn guns in America, 2) the media needs to shut-up about this.

Brand new looking vehicles and flags blowing in the wind as ALWAYS! Doing awfully well to be some desert grown terrorist group, "wonder where they're getting it from?" Hmmm haha

Obomber is the same war hawk as mccain. There is no democracy no matter who you elect the policy will stay the same.

majority of americans WANT A RELIGIOUS WAR! Christianity vs Islam… the new world war! Majority of the media and public WANT NUCLEAR BOMBS dropped.

I don't think our president ever came back from his previous vacation in Hawaii. This man lives in La-la land while his country is in crisis

Wow this guy is still in office! ??? Smh…… Ok I'll go back in My underground bunker let me know when he's out ! And when He returns to his own country( Afghanistan

If USA was the strongest army, why can't they demolish ISIS, I say we are raised to believe USA has the strongest army, but they don't

criminals who are beheading american journalists are not his concern, he would rather go on vacation.

Luckily Russia is booming the life out of these criminals and destroying obama's plan to spread chaos to the middle east.

Obama is so right on this but he should have GONE further on this by saying it like Trump. Of course the media is being unfair.

sad CNN only has 1,100.000 subscribers. Donald trump got more then that last week . Wonder why
could it be all the lies, propaganda and bullshit that they have been caught in. Mainstream media
is soon to become a Fosil. More and more people see the truth everyday along with
the cable cutters that will be an end to you corruption

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