Nutrishop, Eastvale

(upbeat music) – Hey, you guys, this is Nazar
with Provident Real Estate here in Eastvale, California,
the best city in the world. Today we are showcasing the Nutrishop, and this is at the Gateway, Eastvale Gateway Shopping
Center off of Limonite. Now, most people think that
unless you’re a bodybuilder there’s no reason for you
to walk through these doors, but I gotta tell ya that
if you have that mindset you absolutely need to walk in. Now, were you aware that the
average person’s supposed to consume the same amount
of grams of protein each day as how much they weigh? So like myself, I weigh 180 pounds, I’m supposed to consume 180 grams of protein every single day, and frankly I am not doing that. So today let’s step inside,
let’s meet the owner, let’s talk protein, and
there’s some really cool things that he offers here for free that I think you should absolutely take advantage of, so let’s go meet the owner and find out a little bit
more about the Nutrishop. Follow me. (upbeat music) All right, hey guys, this is Adam, the owner of the Nutrishop. – How’s it going, Nazar? – Adam, please introduce yourself and let everybody know why
you opened this Nutrishop and why they should walk
through the doors here. – So I played at ASU for five years as a offensive linemen, 315 pounds. – [Nazar] A lot of weight. – Always tired, all the time. Didn’t have energy for everything. So what I did is I, once I was done I lost 80 pounds in 3 months, and I seen what a lifestyle
change it was for me and it made me wanna change other people’s lives for the better. So what I did, is open up the stores, and the first thing people
do is when they come in here, we’re gonna greet ’em with
a nice welcome, handshake. We’re gonna break down
their body fat percent with our InBody scan, which’ll break down their body fat percent,
their muscle in pounds. Then we can track and see
whether they’re losing muscle, gaining muscle, losing fat, gaining fat. Cause at the end of the day, the scale’s never gonna tell you that. – [Nazar] And how much
does it cost to do that? – It’s completely free. – [Nazar] Okay.
– Yeah. Based off of that, we’re able to write a customized meal plan, tellin’ you what you should
be eating, what time of day. Cause I would say about 80
to 90 percent of the people that come in here do not eat enough. So when we don’t eat enough, unfortunately our body’ll actually start
storin’ fat and losing muscle. – Could you also be
eating the wrong things? – Correct. So, there is what type of those calories consist
of, you know I mean? For a guy who should be
consuming 1800 calories, but those 1800 calories are
McDonald’s and Jack in the Box– – And pizza. – Exactly, yeah. So, it’s what those calories consist of. Usually like a healthy
person’s gonna be more on like a high protein, low carb, low fat diet. – And that’s, so when you
do that plan, does that cost money to do as well? – Completely free. So, even if you just come
in here, do the InBody, do the scan, walk right
out, at the end of the day, we’re here to change
your life for the better. – [Nazar] That’s, that’s awesome. – [Adam] Yeah. So let’s go look at that, see
how that works, and then– – Yeah, check it out.
– Be back. (upbeat music) – [Nazar] I thank you so much
for allowing us to come by. – [Adam] Yeah. – And, anything else you want
to uh, take the, home with? – Hey at the end of the day,
we’re just here to help people. We wanna change lives for the better. And at the end of the day,
it is a lifestyle change, but we’re gonna provide
the blueprint for success for life challenge, style change. So definitely come in, we’ll
getcha on the InBody for free, we’ll getcha the free meal plan, and then we definitely wanna
see you guys every two weeks. – Absolutely. – And we don’t wanna go more’n two weeks of doin’ the wrong thing. – That’s right, you can
come check out the body scan every two weeks and see your progress go. – Yeah, exactly. – All right, thanks a lot,
have a good one, take care. – All right, man, yeah, hey see ya. (upbeat music)

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