Nunes calls media’s biased coverage of memo ’embarrassing’


ATT and Verizon are rolling out 5G VR-WIFI this year.
Understand that all previous cellular services were labeled according to their
Radio Frequency location on the Radio Spectrum. I.E. 3G/3rd gen = 3GHz &
4G/4th gen = 4GHz. This was done deliberately for the purpose of concealing the
fact that 5G/5th gen = 24GHz – 90GHz at ground level, 200Ghz from
satellites. That is the millimeter wave (based on length of waves) section of
the spectrum. It is classified as Extremely High Frequency Non-Ionizing
Radiation. The compact nature of millimeter waves results in heavy interference
from just about everything. This greatly limits the distance a signal can
travel as well as being line of sight. Water molecules in the air, for example,
can cause heavy loss in signal strength. Their plan to compensate for these
issues & still deliver the band width promised with the Internet Of Things,
is to have 5G transmitters on every telephone pole in the country, in every
room of every public building in the country, boosted by every CFL bulb(on the
box) & smart meter & dueling providers with over 4,000 satellites each.
On top of the standard umbrella coverage, these transmitters have the ability
to engage multiple, individually focused beams that automatically track every
WIFI receiving device that comes into its signal range for the purpose of
connectivity. Data is sent & received on the same beam. If you are saying
to yourself "Wait a minute, I'm 70% water!" then you are asking
yourself exactly the right question. Every living thing is harmed by this level
of Non-Ionizing Radiation. As the densely packed waves bounce off cells in your
body they cause damage, as your body repairs this damage, occasionally the
process results in cancer. It physically breaks strands of DNA. We are exposed
every day to harmful radiation from both natural & man made sources, which
amounts to a misting in most cases. In order for 5G to work, it will be akin to
jumping in the ocean. The reason for putting a lead vest on when you get an
X-ray is EXACTLY the reason they refuse to do any safety testing on 5G. They
don't need to, they know 24GHz – 200GHz will not-so-slowly kill you, especially
at the levels of signal saturation required to reach everywhere on the planet.
Microwatts per square meter is how they measure Electro Magnetic
Frequency Exposure and 2.5 is the highest amount reported to be safe as
of 2013. The amount measured when placing a meter on a new ATT residential 5G
router is 1800+(no beams, yet). Now make that commercial and imagine the
overlap and omni-directional bombardment of walking through a mall, school,
city street and your 1000+ living room doesn't seem so bad anymore. This is
what they use at airports to see through your clothes. This is microwave
radiation, the device that cooks your food, modified, focused & amplified,
for data, distance & bandwidth, into milliwave radiation beams. The
military has been using millimeter wave technology for at least forty years
& could literally boil the water in your skin, fortunately for us, they
discovered that 130 degrees was enough to neutralize any human threat. Directed
energy weapons are focused electro magnetic energy. Your brain
tells your heart to beat with an electro magnetic signal, as well
as every other function of your body. They just need you, me & everyone
else to look the other way while they deploy it. If we wait until the Internet
Of Things is online it will be too late. Everything with DNA is going to be
devastated in the milliwave hell they are creating. The only way to survive 5G
is going to be through genetic modification/trans-humanism. This is being
pushed by corporations & countries alike for money, information &
power. They all want to live forever & see trans-humanism as the way to do
it, Earth be damned. This is not a left or right issue. It is a life or death
issue for the entire planet. God made us shepherds over this planet and we
still have the power/time to stop this. If you love any
living thing, this matters to you. Tell everyone & your city
council/town hall & & pray.

I love you Mr. Nunes. I'm not alone either. You're a man of honor, integrity, and now an American hero too. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

So true about the mainstream media, they are all unamerican, don't know how they sleep at night, but people are finally waking up, we dodged a bullet not electing Hillary Clinton, and goes to show it really would have been like a dictatorship because she owns the media

we want indictments for Fraud and Treason! Democrats in office have been filthy low life criminal for 8 years, now its time to face the music …I hope some criminals in the leftist media get charged as accomplice… LET A JURY SEE IF THEY ARE INNOCENT!!

Why is Carter Page not charged with ANY crime if he was the reason for all the FISA warrants? Was this an inept FBI investigation on Page, or was he merely a "back door" into spying on Trump?

Talking to Russians is not the issue. Talking to Russians while they meddle in our election and support one candidate is the issue. Nothing like easy to spot dishonesty.

At this point, just stop addressing the smearing. When they see it's no longer effectively "bogging" things down they'll switch gears to other methods they're less adept at……

"I just go by the old rule, whatever they accuse you of doing, they're actually doing." BOY! I sure am glad to hear somebody express this. I have been saying this for the last few years… or at least 9 years, back through obie's tenure.

Crazy. Nunes, author of the memo about the FISA warrant, never read the FISA warrant. Trump, says memo vindicates him, and Trump never read memo.
Trey Gowdy, who read FISA warrant, says memo does "NOT discredit Mueller probe in any way".
I'm sorry, are those Trump supporters who now think there's something crooked about the FBI investigation incapable of logical thought? If Trump says sky is green and the earth flat, do they believe it?
Remember, Trump is the guy who said a judge couldn't rule on Trump's case because the judge from Indianapolis was of Mexican descent.
Please Trump Supporters, begging you, just try thinking.

So is there anything in any memo telling that the bias fake news network took any money from the Dems &/or from McCain &/or any corrupted anti-trump Republicans? Just saying since the media is so quiet about this FISA report.

## Liberals, Media, Hollywood all against Trump why, because he is stopping them from destroying America ,how do they destroy America by mass immigration so these Third World Immigrant vote for the Democrats then they will hold power for years and then they will destroy the US. !!

Nunes is an idiot who never read one page of the FISA warrants his fake memo was based on. Truth is what Nunes and Trump are fighting against. They aren't winning.

Once again, republicans show their intelligence in spades, Nunez is brilliant. And the Dems, deeper in the abyss they travel, what a bunch of dumb-asses.

Devin nunez you did what is was correct thing to do you will brake down the hug corruption demcraps been hide for long time cover up evidence you are patriots hero. American people support you president trump support you keep go ing please untill you guys drains swamp in DC

Everyone if you are actually interested in what Isikoff actually said in context instead of Fox selectively editing just a part- you’ll see why this is a big Nothing burger. Isikoff in that podcast goes over point by point on numerous falsehoods and wrong conclusions in Nunes’ DUD of a Memo. Skullduggery – Feb 1st 2018 podcast. Go actually listen to it if you are interested in facts – not just propaganda by a Trump Errand Boy

Why the Demon-rats always get what they want. Why? Why are they so powerful n always break the rules n law without any consequences n punishment???
Just ridiculous. Is it that bcs they control the msm n dictate the talking point?
Very dangerous . The press n the media must be regulated n check.

Republicans concede key FBI is nothing more than a 'footnote' in Carter Page warrant. Yet criminal clown Trump claims White House produced memo "totally vindicates" him. Mueller meanwhile continues digging through Trumps financial records and numerous ties to the Russian Mafia going back to the early 1980's.

The real question how will Trump blame Obama or Hillary for the market crash? Maybe he will blame the so called "Deep State"? His idiot followers eat that crap up by the bucket load.

Jame Madison wrote a passage that still rings true !
The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions

Russia gave HRC dirt against Trump (true) but then they (allegedly) helped him win the election. Which way is it democrats ??? Your whole stinking narrative contradicts itself !!!!

No Nunes. The Main Stream Media TRIED to be interested in your totally BS Memo that Chris Wray told America omits key facts critical to your overall conclusion- but in about 10 minutes your Memo was just destroyed with one false thing after another.

And sorry but Chris Steele is a PATRIOT – who wanted to warn this country that a man conspiring w a hostile State Actor was running for President and we were in Danger. With Trumps total unwillingness to ENACT law and enact Russian Sanctions- proves he was SPOT on. Sadly history will show that an Ex MI6 British Officer wAs a better Patriot to the US than the House GOP Under Ryan and the dumb as a rock Errand Boy Devin Nunes. Say goodby to your political career dude. Andrew Janz is gonna take over your Job and do the work for the Tulare County & Central Calif Voters that you are unwilling or incapable of doing. Your going to prison. (But u know that already.)

Nellie Ohr lol my Grandpaw had a sow pig named nellie, small world. I am sure the pig and nellie ohr are related.

What part of this do you Trump supporters NOT GET****Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) says declassifying the Nunes memo won't impact the Russia investigation, saying "there is going to be a Russia probe even without a dossier," during an interview with CBS' "Face The Nation."

Funny how Trump colluded with Russia to win the election and at the same time according to the fake excuse for a book that Hitlery was reading at the Grammy's, he didn't want to win the election and was upset when he did! Hmmm those democrats seem to have a hard time getting their fake stories straight!

No one in the comment section below read the memo. Americans are below average in math and science when compared to first world nations. The reason? Look at the commenters on this video.

I feel so blessed to live in Chuck Grassley's state and so thankful this is all finally coming out! I can't wait for the heads to start rolling!

THEY have no choice but to belittle or ignore the memo. Stop looking to them to "get it" — and start protecting this country from the FBI turned KGB — and their planned Bolshevik Communist coup of America. ALL U.S. media is controlled by only 6 corporations — and the CFR. SEE video: "Hillary Clinton Admits Illuminati Front Group Council on Foreign Relations Runs Washington D.C." (by Mark Dice).
"The Revolution will not be televised" – Gil Scott-Heron.

What's funny is how Nunes is crying about biased news coverage, karma is A BITCH! I believe I remember the news coverage over Trump was biased as well. I guess the liberals can dish it out but can't eat it.

Plus, Carter Page who the FISA warrant was used to surveil, was actually a god damn FBI undercover agent who actually worked to convict “Evgeny Buryakov” (a real spy) months before he joined Trump, I mean ARE YOU SHITTIN' ME! The same court that issued the warrant for “Evgeny Buryakov”. When do we Light the torches?


Oh good god the media is owned by SIX FOREIGNERS ALL LALERS.TV.RADIO


Clinton lost, hahahaha. Best 7 years to come with Trump. But who could take his splendide personality to continue his legacy.

Rothschilds are pissed at the MEMO and retaliated by selling off and causing the Stock Market to fall 1500 points;.. wonder whats next for Rothschilds when the second and third memo comes out…. Fall of the Elites is coming…. stay tuned!

The memo fucked itself up the ass.

It confirmed the FISA warrant was for Carter Page who had already left the Trump campaign (Sept 2016) by the time the warrant was granted (Oct 2016). It also confirmed that the Steele dossier DID NOT trigger the Russian collusion probe:

'The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok'

You can go to any whorehouse on the planet, and get them to tell some stupid Brit that a presidential candidate got a blowjob from a unicorn then took it up the ass, for a cool million US. Still doesn't make it true or point to said whorehouses country that it's government had anything to do with it. But this is going as I predicted, all the criminals on both sides are banding together as they have too much dirt on one another. This memo is a giant shitburger!

Can you imagine how dumb these msm morons are gonna feel when people start going to jail lol. They have to go with the criminals they enable.

poor hillary sold her soul to the devil for a presidentry and wound up with no soul and lost the election lol. How do you lose a rigged election 😂

Want to REALLY read some eye-opening comments? Go to msnbc, Morning Joe, or Rachel Maddow or, well, just ANY of the main stream media and see what they have to say. It is all filled with hatred for "the orange zit" etc. The best thing about this entire thing is the longer they stay in that lane, the much better the chances are Republicans may not lose seats midterm, and may even pick up a few. So, I am so excited! Keep running out these same morons that caused this mess! Trump showed us the way….follow his example….he was anti illegal immigrant. (they depress wages, take jobs, require more policing, take more social services that SHOULD be for Americans) he was PRO LEGAL IMMIGRANT. pro low taxes. pro jobs. pro low crime. pro home ownership. pro rule of law. THAT is what Republicans want. Democrats will have to be "ANTI" any of this! I think ALL our Republican races should run on the same platform. Let's NOT concede a fucking single seat, but support Republicans …show DC that it's the Trump model, not same oh same oh…drain the swamp. We MUST hold the house and senate! We just started cleaning, and ran into the biggest pile of shit in history! Gonna need some help in the midterms! So ASK the people for help! And I think "Pro" messages are more powerful…Pro legal immigrant (or put a better way PRO IMMIGRANT!) , pro-life, pro 4th amendment, pro rule of law, pro low taxes, pro jobs, pro freedom from stifling regulations. In other words, Republicans stand FOR something! PRO IMMIGRANT!

Here is a self described Hispanic man a gay man I might add,who doesn't believe the media? Does he believe the Russian media or Foxs' snake oil news which are both the same?

Trump has the power to end this investigation. Time to dismantle the government and give all power to trump . USA USA USA


The tide is turning. Just wait soon CBS ABC and maybe NBC will stop ignoring this story. It's the story of the century.

The FBI had information, going back to 2013 that Carter Page was working with the Russians. CP himself admitted that he participated on various councils concerning global energy deals and policy’s, councils upon which Russians sat, but of course, he was dealing with energy policy, not politics, but the FBI didn’t know if CP might have discussed secret information with the Russians. The FBI didn’t seem to know if CP had a security clearance or not. But one must realize that the most mundane information is classified and if somebody discusses such mundane, probably public, information, which happens to be classified with the Russians he’s guilty.

Are the rest of the Dem's asleep…. is the entire party made up of deep state players… if that is true, …it is a much sadder picture.

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