New Victorinox Swiss Army Knives at SHOT Show 2019 (KnifeCenter Coverage)

I’m Chris Kosta I’m director of product
management and packaging for Victorinox Swiss Army we’re here at the 2019 shot
Show in Las Vegas and one of the things we’re really excited about is line
extension to our hunter Pro ALOX family so we’ve got a new color red this year
with a this is a two-hand opening model and we’ve introduced a removable clip to
the knife so in a lanyard so we’ve got a nice you know classic red color same
blade on the rest of our Hunter Pro Series and removable clip to hand
opening our silver Alex model that you’ll see here has a design feature
that allows the clip to remove at will so whatever you’re interested in doing
you can reposition the clip snap it back in obviously use however you’d like to
implement the clip got a nice one-hand opening blade and then the rest of the
family that we have is the black and the orange and the wood they’ve all included
a new lanyard hole so you can implement one of our different colors you’ll see
here paracord red paracord silver if you want to use your own color and implement
something it now carries the lanyard hole on the other new exciting things
that we’ve come out with in 111 millimeter series is the skipper Pro so
essentially the main feature of this knife is a great Marlinspike heavy duty
can help out with wire braiding rope braiding certainly opening shackles
things like that so very substantial implement it’s getting good play in some
of our military and Navy sales so this is a both commercial product and and
retail so skipper Pro small little lanyard 111 millimeter size one hand
opening with a great lanyard cover so one of the other new products this year
is for the Chinese zodiac it’s year of the pig so we’ve got a beautiful
commemorative box there’s a thousand pieces for North America
and it comes with a little history booklet on your the pig and the
association with the Chinese zodiac you know nice commemorative thing very
popular with our collectors and it’s a Huntsman model for this year so we’ve
got the year of the pig design on a Huntsman model


I wish victorinox would upgrade their steel. I find the grade of steel they use to be a bit "soft".

It has a substantial degree of durability but, it lacks impact resistance and toughness.

This is just my opinion. I also wish they'd design their knives with a one-hand-open design.

Their nail notch design is so dated 😑.

@KNIFECENTER Thanks for sharing the Victorinox booth. I'm a big fan of theirs and haven't seen a whole lot of coverage on them from Shot Show.

WTF…. Im not interested, nor do i care about " My favorite paracord color!!! Design a knife we can use and SHOW US WHAT IT CAN DO…..

The Victorinox Cadet is still my most carried knife. Can't wait till my kids are old enough for their first Swiss Army Knives! These things are a rite of passage.

Companies like Leatherman and CRKT are coming out with insanely creative and modern designs and options, and victorionox managed to put a lanyard and a new color on a knife this year, what a disappointment

Is it just me or do those knives look comically oversized in his hands? Theres just something off aesthetically with them…

Would newer sell good. We want one handed opening knives. The right hand version. And low prices, coz the steel quality of victorinox knives are not that special. All my knives are below 40 Euros. And still running great. Even the cheap Aliexpress knives, and MORA ones.

Oversized in compare with its function… and where is the one hand open feature?
If it aims at collectors, they should issue each color a year like inox cadet n pioneer.

Swiss Army knives are just different. That's why they sell so well in so many markets. Why would they make the typical one handed, hard steel, G10 scaled models like everybody else? And as far as multi tools go, I own several leatherman models. They are great! But they are just too big to carry around every day, for me. And I need something with a saw blade, because I have to cut down bamboo shoots almost every day (dev orative banboo planted by my father 40 years ago. Never plant bamboo!). My Camper model SAK is perfect for my EDC needs.

I don't know why (there are locking mechanisms I like much better than lockbacks and I prefer full flat grinds), but that Scandi folder in the thumbnail really speaks to me.

Edit: Wait. After watching the video, the ones with the one handed opening are even better.

Love classic vicks, using and have few. But this is bulshit. Those first are Just another folders. Even if they are hi quality, witch im sure they are, there are planty of great folders out there.

20 top design engineers sitting around a giant table in a conference room hidden away in the Swiss countryside "I HAVE IT, we'll give them coloured lanyards" room breaks into applause

I love Victorinox but even looking at that old fashioned nail nick on a Marlin spike makes my fingers hurt. Come on guys; it's 2019.

I still have my Swiss army knife it's 25 years old. I have bought one for two of my nephews so far. This folder looks nice, but needs the tweezers and toothpick. The tweezers at the very least. Always useful in the bush.

Just ordered the wounded warriors field knife. I live close to a Bass Pro shop but they only have a select few Swiss Army knives. Can’t wait to get it!

Really REally sucks these people have to attach the dam knives and the little lanyards to the table so people dont walk off with things what is this world coming to???????????????dam!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody was ever taught anything at home or had your ASS whipped when you were trying to grow up geesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good knives and video I like ytour shot show vidjeos better than the knife HQs vidjeos

Modern knifes are trash knife companys like victorinox and buck are amazing every thing else is trash even Benchmade.

PLEASE start using better blade steel……..the Huntsman Pro M Alox for $100 should have CTS-XHP, S35VN…or something better that Victorinox stainless "mystery steel".

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