Our mission at Kenu is to design the best car and mobile accessories in the world. We changed the game in 2013 with Airframe, the world’s first portable car mount, and now we’ve developed four new premium car mounts with all new features to make phone- assisted driving even more seamless. Introducing Airframe Pro, Airframe Magnetic, Airbase Pro and Airbase Magnetic. Airframe Pro is the latest upgrade to our flagship car mount featuring a new expandable grip with an even wider range and deeper jaws to fit everything from large screen phones with waterproof-shockproof cases down to compact phones with no case at all. A new 360 pivot joint lets you turn and tilt your phone in any direction for a perfect view. Even in landscape mode. We’ve designed a new push-button vent clip. It’s our strongest clip ever. Attaching to any car’s air vent is now as easy as squeezing two buttons, and the special elastomer grip is designed to not slip or pull off. It’ll fit regular and thick vent slats, and it stands off just enough to clear an overhanging dash and let air pass through. Airframe Magnetic is the ultimate in convenience in a tiny form factor. It features the same push-button vent clip and pivot joint as Airframe Pro, but has a powerful but compact magnetic mount on the end that’s also designed to be safe for phones. After applying the thin device plate to the back of your phone, just place it near the mount and six powerful neodymium magnets draw it in and hold it tight. Our device plate is made of spring steel, which gives it a higher magnetic attraction even at just 0.4 mm thick. And because it’s spring steel you can remove it without destroying it, so you can transfer it to another phone – unlike other magnetic mounts. For wireless charging phones like the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8, just put the device plate in the lower half of the phone, and now you can use it with any wireless charging base. Also new for 2017 is our Airbase line of suction mounts designed to attach to a dashboard or windshield. Airbase Pro has the same new expandable grip as Airframe Pro. So it fits the widest range of phones and cases and the grip is held up by a sculpted base with a powerful suction cup underneath that Also features a layer of super sticky polyurethane gel. Just push down firmly against the surface and flip the lever down. The 360 pivot joint lets you spin your phone to just the right angle, no matter where it is. Airbase Magnetic combines our new suction base with our new magnetic mount for instant attachment anywhere. The Airbase line even works great as a phone stand for the home or office. For extra security: Airframe Pro and Airbase Pro. For extra convenience: Airframe Magnetic and Airbase Magnetic. Kenu. We’re Driven.


Your dash mount has destroyed my car dash!

Totaling over $2k in damages estimated by my bmw dealer shop technician. I am seeking settlement and legal actions against Kenu and Ken Minn your CEO.

I put this on many social media platforms.
@kenu avoid them like the plague. Their product destroyed my dash and has done nothing but create more troubles. Legal actions are going after them.

I cannot remove the sticky part of metal layer anymore from my iPhone! It destroyed my phone! Any ideas how to remove it?

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