Multiple Access Point Architectures and Wi-Fi Whole Home Coverage

You may have noticed homes have been getting larger the past few decades. People end up with a house that may need more than one access point (AP). Say you have a three-story home; we’ll draw a house here. You probably have your internet drop coming in on the first floor or the basement. This goes out to the internet and you’ll put your cable modem down here. The cable modem probably has an access point built into it then that would cover, you know, probably 75-percent of this home.The problem we’re seeing is that a lot of these homes can’t be covered by this one access point. The best thing to do would be to put an access point up here. There’s two technologies that can link these two access points together and using Wi-Fi and it’s either mesh or repeaters and extenders. The one thing that the mesh APs do that the repeaters and extenders don’t do is they’re able to guide the clients, the wireless client devices, to the best access point. Now you’ve got coverage that looks more like this. So say this is the area of good coverage, so really you’ve got good coverage throughout the entire house for all your your users and your devices.


WOW!!! Are you serious??? You made a video to tell people it was POSSIBLE to have multiple access points but didn't even mention how to make that happen. Delete this video from the internet so NO ONE else has to waste 1.5 minutes of their life watching this useless video.

I can't find any videos on the architecture I need. I have Engenius wireless devices that can do WAP, WDS Bridge, and many other modes. I want to connect 2 buildings wirelessly, but then I want a wired connection in the remote building that I can connect wired to a remote switch. Is there a mode for that? Every video seems to cover WAP not WIRED? Ty

Set up wireless network Same SS ID From Two separate House Same password another House With a Seamless connection IP range the same Both systems use the same type of router The only difference my router As Two phone lines Input. Same provider 1 mile apart

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