MSNBC Is TERRIFIED Of Bernie Sanders, And Their Coverage Shows It

On Saturday, Bernie Sanders gave a major campaign
speech in New York, drew crowd of thousands of people standing out there in the bitter
cold waiting to listen to Bernie Sanders and everyone else who joined him on stage, MSNBC
live, uh, showed this speech live and they had a panel there so that immediately after
the speech ended they can analyze the speech and dissect it and tell us what he did great
and tell us what he did wrong, but they only wanted to focus on what he did wrong. And unfortunately for that panel, they lied
about those things as well. Uh, specifically MSNBC, analysts Zerlina Maxwell,
who also happens to be a former Clinton campaign staffer said that Bernie didn’t mention race
or, or the struggles of minorities until the 23 minute mark of that speech. And, uh, Glenn Greenwald over at the intercept
actually pointed out by providing video clips that MSNBC allegedly was watching, showing
that no, that’s 100% wrong. There is zero truth to that. And he said it right at the beginning. It was a big part of his speech talking about
race and the problems that minorities face here in the United States and what he wants
to do to fix it. But MSNBC didn’t bother to correct miss math,
Maxwell, Maxwell. They just let her go with it. They just said, okay, yeah, that’s problem. Yeah, we woo. Here’s the thing. It is time to stop pretending like MSNBC is
anything other than a corporate controlled media outlet that only is interested in preserving
the status of millionaires and billionaires. They are. Think about it. They hated Bernie in 2016 the host that didn’t
hate Bernie ended up getting fired from the network, by the way, and now in 2020 there
once again, pushing establishment, trying to tear down the one person who could bring
change here to the United States, and they’re doing it because they know that an establishment
type Democrat, a centrist Democrat, he’s not going to raise their taxes. He’s not going to go after their industries. She’s not gonna make it to where they’re not
making as much money each year. That’s what a centrist Democrat would do. That’s why they were pushing Hillary in 2016
and that’s why they’re anti Bernie telling lies about him on the air that everybody can
verify or false because they don’t want to pay more in taxes. MSNBC, and I’m sorry to say this, they’re
just not trustworthy. If we can’t trust other media outlets because
they’re owned by corporations than MSNBC cannot be exempt from that group just because they
share similar ideologies to what we do. We to understand that turn off any corporate media outlet, whether
it’s Fox, CNN, or MSNBC. Yes, they each spew out different ideologies,
but at the end of the day, their goal is the same. To preserve the status of millionaires and
billionaires, that is what they’re all about and in terms of Bernie, look, I don’t care
if you love him or you hate him. The fact that they’re over there spreading
lies about him after allegedly just having watched the video, this is unacceptable. It would have been unacceptable if it was
Kamala Harris or Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, or Klobuchar, Gillibrand, or anyone else. They have to call it out when it happens because
they knew it wasn’t true, but they didn’t because it was about Bernie. Now, Bernie is not perfect by any stretch
of the imagination. None of the candidates are, no candidate has
ever been. No candidate ever will be. He’s got issues, he’s got things he’s going
to have to answer for. And I look forward to that just as I do with
all of the other candidates because that’s how we see how they’ve grown and where they
stand today. Okay. But I do believe that Bernie Sanders has the
best shot. I do believe he has the best agenda and I
do believe that he genuinely cares about every single person. And I don’t think that he is out. They’re pandering to any specific group. And that’s the big difference with him. Again, he’s not perfect. And even if elected, he’s not going to cure
all of the problems that this country has. I’m realistic about that. I get it. No presidential candidate could, but he is
the best shot of making most of those goals a reality. And that terrifies the executives at stations
like MSNBC. Because that could mean they may have to pay
a little bit more in their taxes every year.


Millions of upwardly mobile Americans and anyone who's never been through anything difficult believe the mainstream. They are certain that a warm, respectful and very likeable centrist is exactly what's called for now. Look at who's leading the polls even though he hasn't announced yet;
Joe Biden.

Bernie is your future, he will put KEYNES over MILTON. In the 80s in Economics class in the Netherlands we had both economists as subject. KEYNES is better for society as a whole.

YET MSNBC will be begging Bernie to hold a televised town hall as they have done so in the past… Well at least Rachel Maddow the Russian conspiracy theorist that she is at least is making an effort to come across as fair to Bernie while being criticized as being too pro-Bernie by others.

He is going to far with some of the socialism promises. We need a nice blend of capitalism and socialism.
But, please God please forbid any republican or Democrat from winning 2020.

It doesn’t matter if you like Trump or not. Our nation is divided.
Let’s roll it back for a moment. The turn out for the 2016 election was reported to be 55.7%. The rest of the eligible voters reportedly didn’t vote. 46.1% of the voters were reported to have voted for Trump. 48.2% of the people were reported to have voted for Clinton. The rest voted for people like Sanders. So to think that either Trump or Clinton is somehow America’s choice is a delusional.
25.68% of eligible American voters voted for trump.
26.85% of eligible American voters voted for Clinton.

We are divided. We need to make sure in the next election we are not choosing the lesser of 2 evils. We need to forget about the democrat and republican bullshit and focus on finding a good honest moral person to be our president that the majority of the people like. And this candidate should have to obtain the majority 70% of the popular vote and win at least 51% of the electoral votes, or do away with electoral votes all together. else we void the election and find new worthy candidates. It takes 70% to pass a test on anything else. Popular vote should decide it.

The part that really boggles my mind is; how did these 2 people that so many people hate so much end up being what we had to choose from?

Democrats vs Republicans is destroying this country with the constant bickering. And when they criticize the opposing party they always make it sound as if all the people of that party are of the same mind. WRONG!

Our nation is in a state of unrest. And all of this endless criticizing and bickering needs to stop. We all need to put this energy into making sure this never ever happens again.

As I said Trump VS establishment left or establishment Republican Vs establishment Dem battle is as real as pro-wrestling.

The entire election system is flawed to broken to radically divisive… Its a problem on top of the election hacking KNOW ONE IS DOING A DAMN THING ABOUT, smfh. America is a big divided racist dollar chasing MESS! The new bloods and crips are democrats and republicans. They both act more like gangs who hate each other rather than patriotic elected officials to help folks of all walks of life, smh… IT IS FUCKING DISGUSTING!

MSNBC will support Trump over any Progressive. Remeber that! Why? Cause they will ultimately support whomever is better for the super-rich.

Really losing interest in msnbc. They talk too much and are also bias. I still remember when Hayes and Maddow had a guest about Republican gerrymandering and let him talk, but when he started to say there are democrats that do it… they cut him off.

Thank you for FOR FINALLY saying it so straightforwardly !! All MSM is FOR preserving the status quo !! Finally we are AWAKENING !!! 👏👏👏

Bernie Sanders reminds me of AMLO from Mexico…TV networks and big companies said many lies about him that cost him to lose the national elections twice. The good thing was that AMLO continued fighting until he finally won the elections last year. I see the same ideology and energy in Bernie .

If he comes and holds a rally here, I'll be there. I didn't go when he spoke here last time because he was only here to promote someone else and would only be speaking for a small part of the time. It was gonna be a hassle for such a short time. But if it's his rally? You bet I'll be there. And a lot of media outlets are showing their true colors with Bernie Sanders. But you're right, it'd be unacceptable with anyone.

Bernie Sanders is going call out the whole country for its greed, racism and hate. I never watch cable news…..they are full of shit for the mindless zombies.

I’ll say this as much as I want. The Alt-Right, White Nationalists, Right Wingers and Trump fans don’t want to hear anything critical about Trump. They only like to hear nice things about Trump. Here come the excuses as they guzzle more of that orange koolaid.

These are the same fools who voted for small temporary tax cuts for themselves and permanent big tax cuts for billionaires. Who does that!? 🤦🏻‍♂️

”Trump loves us and he’s gon’ drain tha’ swamp! He’s gon’ git rid of immigrants and git our jurbs back from Chyyyna. Says he gon’ git Mexico to pay for his wall!” 🤠

What else can you say about those who view Donald Trump and Alex Jones as the “intellectuals” in the room. They find the Trump family sooo relatable. 😂

They swarm the comments with little to no contribution to the dialogue. Allow me to demonstrate, lol.

Typical Trump fan response:
“OH YEAH!!?? OH YEAH!!?? Well what about Hillary yackety, yackety, blagh, Benghazi!!, Emails!, Socialism!, NWO!, NPC!, SJW!, Snowflakes!!, Blacks!, Muslims!!, illegals!!, blugh, illuminati!, blaaagh, bluuugh, Fake News!!, Global Climate Change is a hoax!!, CNN Grrr!!, Q-Anon, Globalists! Obama!!, yackety, Soros!, Gays! Jews!, Wall!!, blaaagh, Deep State!, Flat Earth!!, yackety, yackety, blagh, blagh, bluuugh!”

”What about!? What about!? What about!?”

Just a quick look at their comments and responses and you’re sure to find these talking points. They go from bullies, to emotional train wrecks when they see their own words on the table this way.
They’re left with nothing else but to prove my point.

Also, do they ever pick up a book? Their lack of knowledge of basic history and current events is jarring? They’re so ignorant, that they literally believe there is only one type of Socialism.

They will always mention Venezuela and Cuba, because that’s what Fox News tells them.
In terms of healthcare alone, Fox News won’t tell them that the following countries have already figured out how to provide at least some basic type of service:

Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

— Notice Russia is ALSO on that list. Guess who wants to keep Americans morbidly obese, unhealthy and behind the times?
Ding, ding, ding!! You guessed it!

The world is more complex than what they’re learning from Fox News. Of course, we can’t expect them to understand. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

🤔 ⭕️
For those curious, yes, I authored this post. I make adjustments as I see fit. My first choice is Bernie Sanders. I’ll still vote for any of those candidates in place of Trump. If it upsets some ignorant ass right wingers so be it. Don’t act like I just pulled those quotes out of my ass. The reason you recognize them is because we’ve all heard them countless of times when debating them. So, I say to them: I’m finished trying to educate any of you on social and political issues. You are a laughing stock just like Trump when other world leaders literally laugh at him, (not with him). 😂

To the good people out there not falling for the right wing BS, much love and respect to you! ✊️

Your friend,

— BIZWIZ ♥️ 😌🙏🏼

Hello Farron, continue to tell it like it is. Expose the the gutter slime politicians and anyone speaking lies.

This is so true. I have stopped watching MSNBC. After years of being a viewer, I can’t believe how much MSNBC keeps smearing and attacking Bernie.

While Trump's presidency is proof that we shouldn't underestimate the power of stupidity, I'm pretty sure the country is too familiar with Bernie to fall for this kind of lazy smear campaign. Maybe don't pretend he doesn't care about the thing he's been talking about for years, or lie about something so easily disproved. Fake news is so not a good look, MSNBC.

Never trust MSM or the 3 garbage political networks (MSNBC, CNN and FOX). The media talking heads are un-American, anti citizen propagandist and liars.

Sorry, Bernie, I did not vote for you in 2016 because I did not know the facts after the facts but this time you got my vote. OK ROF, where is my heart?

i had ABSOLUTELY, No idea!!! well, then I'm stronger into believing that Bernie IS THE MAN FOR 2020! Thank you Much! 🙂

Politico, MSNBC, the NYTs, Washington Post, etc. are so laughably biased – and they bear blame for Trump and his billionaire brownshirts being in the White House.

I voted for Hilary and now I freely admit that was a big mistake. The centrists and the Republicans support the status quo which translates into MBRA – Making the Billionaires RICHER Again! And don't forget, big media (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, BBC) are all owned by the billionaires are are there to sway your opinion so that you go along with the status quo. Well, no more! Never again will I vote for a centrist! I've been schooled.

Let's not kid ourselves. Bernie is better than any other candidate or winner in decades. Homer's drinking bird is a better president than trump.

MSNBC = FAKE NEWS Corporate news media who will say or do anything to help their corporate candidates Harris, Biden, O’Rourke,Gillibrand. Here comes 2016 again where corporate news smears, lies, cheats against the real progressive Bernie Sanders in the hope to deceive the voters for 2020. Hold them accountable and vote for BERNIE SANDERS in 2020 who will represent YOU !

no real democrat will vote for that repub, there are so many better real democrats on the ticket including beto and untimatly joe biden so lets all give up on this retarded trump helper so lets get over the faker and get real dems on the dem ticket, no repubs need to apply including the insaine sanders family

im from PHILLY .and my family will be voting for terrified that BERNIE will get fucked again.the only way we the USA citizens can start to se real change in our absolute 100% corrupt and compromised. govt .is to take a long hard look at MSM mainstream media .MSNBC CNN FOX ABC CBS COMCAST.and print NY TIMES.WASHINGTON POST.ASSOCIATED PRESS .and the likes .these outlets have been the source of many lies and bias reporting as well as non reporting .leading to many many deaths and much suffering as well as creating far as im concerned any employee for any of these outlets .down to the janitor is an accomplice

You've even got hosts/pundits ALMOST admitting they're going to vote Trump over Sanders. It's something we already knew, but it's just funny to hear it slip.

MSNBC, CNN and other mainstream media have the agenda to destroy Bernie's chances as they are beholden to their advertisers and rich associates. It's all about MONEY MONEY MONEY in the US of A.

BSNBC & DCNN are simply pure corporate media who are always only going to protect their own corporate interests, not provide honest journalism, EVER.

Nothing like rich people telling poor and middle class what to think. Gullible and the ignorant listen to cable news who is owned by 5 corporations.Bernie will win in 2020.

I used to watch the big3 news. I always felt something was missing. Thanks to YouTube, and shows like this,I now know. Thanks for the good fight.

MSNBC, CNN, FOX and the rest of the corporate media are scared to death of Bernie (as they should be) and they will continue to do hacky, biased attacks against him to try and sabotage his campaign. This is why I only watch independent media.

MSM is garbage…
It embarrasses me to no end that so called "lefties" get all of their information from sources like MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, Politico, etc.

I've been an MSNBC subscriber for over a decade and I have to say I am more than surprised how little they're covering him. Even last time around it seems that he was covered more and more favorably because he was the underdog.

I don't want to become the equivalent of a Ron Paul 2008 supporter who bitched about him not getting enough coverage but it's true.

Beto, who seems like a nice enough guy, probably won't give us anything but minor and incremental change yet he is covered like white on rice in the past few days since he announced.

it is still early though so maybe I'm just being prejudiced, as I pay a lot of attention to most campaigns and the only ones that seem genuinely authentic and not pre-packaged are Warren and Bernie. I had hopes for Booker, Harris Gillibrand and Klobuchar but they seem to have shifted to cookie-cutter mode… anything but Trump is a bad response in my book. That doesn't flip incumbents very often .. ask Bill Clinton or Reagan

I don't agree with Bernie's ideology, but he definitely had the 2016 nomination stolen from him by Hillary.  Why he didn't try to expose that is beyond me.  Perhaps he was afraid of retribution, or threatened directly when Obama called him into the Whitehouse, or Obama just used his 'smooth-talk' to win him over.  Regardless, it is true that there is a Deep State, and the deep state doesn't like Trump or Bernie because they are both independent-minded individuals.

I appreciate you taking on MSNBC.. however your point is way too narrow's not simply their taxes will go up a little bit if Bernie Sanders is elected president… it's more like the fossil fuel industry will be affected which are their sponsors as well as the insurance industry as well as the defense Industries and financial industry.. they all help to sponsor these corporate networks like MSNBC. unfortunately the politicians that you have so much in common with.. the list that you mentioned.. by and large all support that same military industrial complex and those same corporations… for example Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris and Cory Booker all voted for that bloated 700 + billion dollar defense budget that even exceeded what Donald Trump asked for… none of this is on Ring of Fire's radar screen apparently.. Bernie Sanders is better because he doesn't Pander to those corporations doesn't take money from them… neither does Tulsi Gabbard … the only real anti-war candidate in the race ..and it seems to me you'd rather lay on a bed of nails than even mention her name.. her positions both foreign and domestic way more reflect progressive values than that list of Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren and the like.. of course the militant moderates at Ring of Fire couldn't possibly see this or point any of this out.. being about two baby steps left-of-center.. at best….😨……#BernieTulsi2020

Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, and Marianne Williamson are the only progressive candidates in the race. In other words, they’re the best. However, maybe more progressives join in.

Remember people against Bernie Sanders are of the same ideology That
Fought Martin Luther King Jr. From rich to poor; from politicians to
business owners; each one participated in the most embarrassing
behavior to control the political revolution within America. Dr. MLK
fought for the rights of workers and I fear for Bernie as he completes
this great body of work. America can and should be a country we all can
be proud, but the last time we as a people ,challenged the ruling class
we lost several great leaders.
In Honor of those men and women who
sacrificed and loved this country: I ask you to Protect/Defend your
mind from Ignorance, Tyranny, and Fanaticism by refusing to let the
resources of the rich turn you around.
Respectfully submitted

The tens of millions of people who work in fuels, automotive, transportation and. health insurance will vote to keep their jobs ; that Sen. Sanders will eliminate.

Bernie is gonna keep it real.
They hate him for it (the establishment) that is. They are trying to silence him because he's A truth teller. You keep fighting for the people Bernie. #goberniego🇺🇸👏👏👏✌✊👊

So how could he mention everything in the first second of his speech? They're saying he didn't mention until 23rd minute mark. The fact is he did cover it! They try so hard to find something to complain about him. If they're so scared, we must be doing something right. #WeAreGoingToWin2020 #NotMeUs

I want free shit so I'm voting for the old communist Bernie, so what if he fks America up with his socialist communist bullshit

Bernie challenges the U. S. Criminal Justice System caste system for African Americans very directly by calling for the dismantling of the "prison industrial complex". African Americans who require the initial and/or restoration of the human and civil rights of African Americans support BERNIE 2020.

it is not just because they might have to pay a little more taxes……..they will lose their power and pay a lot more taxes , but givin what they have been doing, feel no sorrow for them


People dont like establishment candidates on both sides dem/rep ..anymore. anti establishment is hot now but media on boths sides hasn't figured it out ..oh yeah Bernie could do way more than just get nominated

People like the candidates who arent fully supported by either party they want someone who isnt beholden to any affiliation. They want a people affiliated candidate …Sanders fits with what people want now. The Republican party doesn't like him and Democrat party hates him

To my Honorable black people; those of you who want to
defend and protect your mind from: Ignorance, Tyranny, and Fanaticism.
There are Plants in our community, sent to divide us; with the use of
their education. There is also at the same time, a group without
education preaching:( Don't vote until we get reparations). Both of them
are swindling our community for money and power. These individuals are
ignorant idiots and wrong on Bernie Sanders lol Here is why. For
Generations it has been the goal of every black man, woman and child to
be treated equally; socially, economically, and educationally. So when a
man, request you behave in opposition to these goals;( for any
reason,) you should recognize them as a clear and present danger to our

This rhetoric of don't vote until we get reparations is crazy. We want
progress; genuine Social, Economic, and Educational progress. Now that
we finally have a Presidential candidate who participated in the Civil
Rights movement; got arrested and Marched on Washington with Dr. Martin
Luther King Jr. A Presidential candidate with a 40yrs record; fighting
for African American Human Rights, Healthcare, and Justice. A
Presidential candidate who was the first to fight against income
inequality in Congress. A Presidential candidate who was the first
Senator to even mention Free college for our children and they wants us
to reject him because of ADOS.

This confirms, they lack the critical thinking skills and keen insight
into building a better future (today);for ourselves, our children, and
our communities. 

In closing, i support reparations, i will be
the first online. lol Yet; ( i am certain), we are not going to receive
it before the presidential election. We have at least 4 years of
political infrastructure planning to do. Not to mention, 2 years of
research and fundraising.

People, protect your minds from; Ignorance, Tyranny, and Fanaticism and
God will bless you with real freedom.
Respectfully submitted

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