Motaur: Do you Mind | Progressive Insurance Commercial

Excuse me? Um…do you mind being a Motaur? What could be better than being a Motaur? The real question is …do you mind not
being a Motaur? I do For those that were born to ride, there’s Progressive


I find most commercials annoying & condescending, but somehow all these insurance company ones are consistently fun & ingenious.

I came here because I thought they said "Muslim" and I needed to find out. It's one of the weirdest commercials ever.

::: jaw dropping ::: how The Film Director fixed The Actor's Hips to the Gastank. I mis-spelled Motaur, couldn't find other pictures on Google Search until I fixed the spelling.

they stole my idea. i wrote a short story about a gang of half-man, half motorcycle bandits 20 years ago, i called them MNOBES.

It’s 2AM and I just started to fall a sleep. Then I thought of Motaur. 😳
How do I transform?
I swear my child will be a Motaur🏍

I was born a Motaur but my medical records show that my parents agreed to have me fixed immediately after birth through surgery and now I am like everyone else. I have never forgiven them.

Congratulations Progressive you've managed to cobble together a commercial that hits a 10 on the stupid scale.

we have a guy at work who seems to be permanently attached to his maintenence scooter. he has been dubbed Scootaur 🤣

The Centaur concept has been exploited both ways by different people creatively; the context is always to take a bipedal entity and cross it with a quadrupedal entity. A Centaur a cross between a man and a horse, and the most well-known opposite representation, a Minotaur, being half-man/half-bull. The Centaur always has the legs of a horse and the torso of a human, while the Minotaur always has the upper-torso of a bull with the legs of a human. So I really hope you do an Autotaur with the legs of a human and the upper body of an SUV and have these two fight in a Super Bowl commercial.

Why do they keep wasting money on this ridiculous creepy commercial thats the worst thing to ever happen to motorcycles?? 😩

WHO IS THE WHITE GUY?? I’ve saw this and it’s been driving me crazy trying to think of where I’ve seen him.

Why am I suddenly watching Progressive commercials back to back? I mean they are good, and I already have the insurance….. but…… how did this happen?

That what happens when you don't buy Insurance. You end up with you lower half jammed into some vehicle.

Progressive!! Take a chance and show this Motaur in action. I think you guys are scared to show Mr. Motaur rolling down the highway.

Im guessing motor means half machine and half mans body like a torso where they probably combined motor and torso. Thats my theory. Still odd and funny at the same time.

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