Mindset Secrets to Successfully Selling Premium Services & Packages – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 10


THANKS DAN for all the work that you are doing And gives me advantage from the rest And makes me improve profesionaly and personaly. THANKS. From Madrid, Spain. Insta: garcia_d_vinuesa

I have been a subscriber for some time. I reached out early but the time was not right for me so I've been watching and reading Dan Lok's books consistently. I say all that for this reason, THIS IS A HIGH VALUE LESSON. Watch it, then rewatch it, give it some time, meditate on the principles, and watch it again, for your own growth.

Where were you man, for this long??
I saw your video on Facebook sometime ago(about finding a MENTOR),then I searched you on YouTube. Awesome content man. Love it.💗

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FUCK OFF, it would be very much appreciated.
You don't have to watch any of Dan's videos.

All this is new to me. I found your channel while looking for information for building a business on Amazon. But by watching this video I need to find a mentor not information. Thank you.

Thats just pure truth, you truly make a real change in my life, in Entrepreneurship and in personal development, because I am able to implement your teachings in both fields. Thank you

Refreshing to hear you talk the truth about transferring actual skill to solve problems on the road to success rather than gathering information and being hopeful of the results. Practice of the art sharpens the skill. Thank you Dan.

Dan Gracias Hermano ! You are changing my life for the better and my family coworkers and customers . Im a 25 yr biz owner in const service . I spent the holidays doing my numbers i have to be at 20 gross to survive . My techs sell at 20% to 10% and we never progress . We live in thepoorest of counties in the usa .everyday i practice something from your videos with my wife or service guys . Were all pumped the first day ishared a video with the my most rookie tech sold a service replacement heat pump at 34% gross when 20 plus year veterantechs said no way . I owe yo a debt stay strong my brother .

I've been watching some of your video's on your channel but this one is a big hit to me.
yes if your just keep on watching and learn it will just leave you useless if you did not apply it or do something. as a sample I was a dreamer and believer but I am not doing anything before I always think and say I'll just wait and my big day will come but no I've been stuck for 4 or 5 years and suddenly realized words can not change your lives it just educate you but will not progress you if you didn't do anything on it.
it's the day that you are born is the day that you are start dying.

I’m applying everything I learn from you Mr. Lok and I’m closing more deals with my personal training services at La Fitness. Thank you for your sharing great content. Let me know if you would like to stop by one of our clubs and start looking more like Bruce Lee

I am really enjoying the sharing of your information (it's only information until I implement it right?) and it is helping me take action on the things that I need to change in the way I go about working with clients. Thanks Dan

Hey Dan, thanks so much for the content, you are absolutely right, I've been reading books (yours included), watching videos on personal improvement etc but when you actually start to put pen to paper and commit what you have learned, applying it to your business, its a different ball game. Also, there is this potential high ticket client I am trying to get but my emails get no reply so I'm going to try like you said, writting a letter and sending it to them directly.

Your gratitude meditation is so good i start off my day with it and i am so much more calm and balanced then before. I've not watched many of the videos but so far I'm pretty impressed.

I have been watching your videos for at least 2 months now. Each one has made me take better decisions, Craft amazing Offers and become an Inspiration for my Customers – thank you for Providing so much Value to Entrepreneurs that are Eager as me to Get Better in Business

Hi Dan – you are the man. I'm saving up to join your inner circle as this is the first time in my life I take note of everything anybody says and applying it in real life in my brand consultancy finding that it truly works. Thank you, I will follow you – take care… till the day we meet….

Thanks Dan. It's really a great lesson learnt.
Coffee. Launch. And their likes are but A disservice for both parties.

What would you advice a growing entrepreneur just growing…
…looking to network at meetups and such like?

You inspired me to position myself better and actually have the courage to call myself the King of Premium Branding. I've now booked 2 speaking engagements for early 2018 so far. You rock, Dan!

I'm 25 and in the process of building skills. I graduated at 23. Can you give me your opinion on this: I focus on your material and try to apply it. I try to avoid getting 100s of opinions, kind of like you advocate, it's just information. The problem is I am not making enough money right now to be out on my own but I believe what I am learning right now is priceless for the future of my career. How can I make more money without completely changing paths?

Hey Dan ………. probably as we can't meet physically but i admired you as myy mentor …….. thanks for being with me all the TIME .

I like watching your videos. They change my mindset and push me to do more in both my personal and work life. Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Hello Dan, I have a software, I convert it to 3 different packages. I was not sure that's a good decision till watching one of your videos that you said "fewer package is better" . Thank for all positive energy that you gave us. 🙂

I have only discovered you 4 days ago and read F.U Money within 2 days. I have learnt so much from you in such a short amount of time than I have ever learnt in my entire life. Everything you say touchs my soul. Straight to the point and no sugar coating bullshit. Now its time to put that all into action. Thanks Dan!

Great value! Implementation is key. I'm learning a lot, thank you very much. From Millionaire Productivity I'm implementing "no cell phone notifications". Besides on the HTC group I spend almost zero time on Social Media -> "No time vampires" Also working on "Omnipresence"…. Does commenting here instead on fb also fall under "Red Ocean vs Blue Ocean"?

Thank you, Dan Lok. I do believe that obtaining any information must be translated into transformation. The rest is applying them in real life. Enjoyed all of your videos. Keep it up !

I’ve actually been struggling with getting the correct price with the services I provide. Thanks for your insights. Very helpful

Your videos have changed the way I think.. slowly able to connect the dots.. I have enrolled for your HTC program starting 5th April

Great presentation! You are so inspiring Dan! I am fast implementer like you! May you have blessings in every area of your life! Keep shining!

Hi Dan, when you talk about your offer? What do you specifically mean? How does someone look for your service?

I don't have a Business I work a afternoon shift JOB. But what I can say is by watching U Tube videos is that I am talking to people with more assertions. more Confidents . I want more from U. I do have a Business Idea. I am going to find the money. U make Sense

Dan Lok, you're absolutely brilliant. The only thing more impressive than your mastery over the Business World is your understanding of how you became a master, and why it worked, and your ability to communicate this on stage. I am sincerely honored to learn from such an expert. I respect you a hell of a lot and am sincerely grateful for your tutelage

Dan you are the man you're right you have to work you have to find the treasure map before you can find the place to dig to get the treasure and all its riches I've been watching you for 6 months now I enrolled in HTC and I'm like Cortez taken the incas I have burn the ships and there's no turning back I could never be the same. Me and my wife thank you.

I’m an OFW in Taiwan. I appreciate the content of your teachings, I hope I can apply all my learnings from you in our business. I wanna inspire my fellows.

100% Drive. Practice. Whether you know it or not . You are making difference in the world and in business . Everything can end in an moment.I like the fact of the content and the internet -look at the Published on 6 Jan 2018 and today is 04/07/18 amazing. Some people get it some wont. I get it. It is helping not only business but also seeing life and business in a clearer light. Thanks Dan the man!

It takes time for real change to happen-i loved that. I can attest to such as there are some changes now taking place in my life and i'ts not an over night process. There is no magic pill.

Dan,i like your videos because you speak truth,you show us the reality and it is easier for us to see the world the way it is without bullshiting ourself…..

We definitely need practice before being able to perform to our potential. Watching on the sidelines is entertainment, taking the actions is where results come from. Thank You Dan.

Dan, you’re a true leader and provide unbelievable value. Your teachings are what we need more of in the world. Thank you.

Dan according to me you are a gift of God or a Avatar. You showed me the right path so I stand in front of many people. And now I am going to transfer my skills to the people through my institute. Thank you again Dan , that's not happen if you do not start your journey on you tube.

Hey Dan, my work now requires to motivate Sellers and Brokers in real estate industry here in Cebu City, Philippines, and also help them close the transactions. I used to be a Trainer in Insurance Industry before but I have to keep mastering my presentation, how it will impact, help them, and analyze where to improve on this profession. I have applied one at a time and it gives them THUMBS UP and that makes me feel good that they learn it coming from you that I note from this video and other videos you have. Thank you so much and will continue it because I have to STAY INTERESTED.

Hi Dan,
I would like you to know that your virtual presence through the videos that you post have been a great guide, pointing me in a clearer direction. For that, you have my most sincere thanks and appreciation.
I reside in Singapore and will be working towards the goal of placing my mark on the infrastructure through property development. To be more specific, my work is directed towards futuristic development. I believe and hope that through my work, I will be able to be the "start" of a new phase in actual site development.
Please continue to pass down your knowledge to those who are sincerely hungry.
Wish you all the best.

Hi Dan. I’m from Perth, Western Australia and only recently discovered you on You-Tube. Your videos are informative and educational. You have a very down to earth approach that connects with people. Thank you for providing, practical, intelligent advice. Cheers Lisa

shortcut to success iss know what you wannabe ,,find the mentor ,take the price n time ,, increase your skill to that level ……again n again n again …… i^m from Indonesia

I love your content Dan, also Valuetaintment good too. Yes I love to bombard myself with information, and most of it just useless. I don't know why before, now I know there is no knowledge transfer.

It's not about the transferring of information, it's about transferring of skills. WOW!!! it's one of the golden nuggets which got added to my bowl of wisdom and success. Thanks Sifu, joining the inner circle is on my vision board and I'll do it, no excuses.

Reading and memorising will not do any good to you it’s the understanding and application which will create the change

Happy New Year. Your videos and information has been extraordinary for me and has been exactly what I've been looking for. I discovered your videos November 2018 has never stopped listening since. Thank you so much for the excellent information you provide.

You are simply superb .. and the things you are uploading changing many lives worldwide .. You may not earning from it but making solid impact . Love from Pakistan

Every single step is important to achieve a big leap! Action is more important than just listening afteralll! Like ur lecture! Thank you!

Thanks to what you teach, I´ve achieved not only very good results on my project, but I also got the perfect motivation, ´cause you make me move my ass and take action, Thank you Dan! I´m glad to see every single video you upload. psdt. I´m from Ecuador (Spanish-speaking country) and learnt English with no excuses just like you did!

I watch so many of your video's and it has changed my thinking, I'm in the process of saving the money I will need to take your HTC master class. I do understand that this course will be a life changing event for me and I can't wait to get started.

Shifu. I have got such a ray of hope. My life has changed because I know I have a direction and a start. I will walk the path with you soon. I am willing to pay whatever you have asked for HTC. I am finding a way and will do.

Hey, I have been watching many other great speakers and I think that ur very very unique different and very easy way to get the point across, I just want to thank you so much for been such as great teacher and very good as what u do.

Environment is important — people buy with their eyes. Restaurants capitalize on this reality every day. Atmosphere matters. How you dress matters. It all goes together.

Sales persuasion gets your foot in the door. Quality service and dazzling results keep you there.

In response to your question, I apply your teachings in this way:
I watch your videos. I watch a lot of other people's videos. I let it mull around in my head. Then, I pick something to focus on, and do "intelligent purposeful thinking" (ask a question to answer) to apply something I heard.

The next time I watch the same video, I may see it differently (after the lab work of practicing it in real business situations), and make a tweak, like you talk about. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but I started charging $50 a month for yardwork maintenance service, and now I bid out at $249 a month.

Because of you, I am not running 2 simple service companies. We pick up dog poop for a lady once a week ($49 a week). I also enjoy watching other people's YouTube channels in my profession to see how I can help spread wealth education to them. One person finally asked me if my claims were theoretical, or tested. I posted a huge reply telling him the entire story, with numbers, of how it all played out.

Watching a video is like a classroom experience. Working in my business is the lab component. This is real education, and has resulted in one of my customers asking me, "Do you have a Degree from Harvard Business School?" By extension, she clearly can be said to view you (anyone I learned from) as a professor at Harvard School of Business. So, I hope that makes you feel good. It brings a contented smile of accomplishment to my face!

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