Meet the Best of GEICO Winner – GEICO Insurance

I can’t believe it. That I won the Best
Of Sweepstakes and I get to be in this GEICO commercial? Let’s do the eyebrows
first, just tease it a little, maybe a little dry shampoo on the chin. Dry shampoo! Go on, slather it all over don’t hold back. Well the know squirrels
followed me all the way out to California and there’s a very strange
badger staring at me. No I can’t believe how easy it was to save hundreds of
dollars of my car insurance with GEICO. Uh-huh, where’s the camel? Mr. big shots
got his own trailer Hey um sorry, Caleb needs three more hours. Come on! Believe it! GEICO
could save you 15% or more on your car insurance Hello ladies and gentlemen.
I’d like you to meet Kathleen from Jacksonville, Florida. Kathleen: Hello! Kathleen won
the Best of GEICO sweepstakes and now she’s here, actually appearing in a GEICO
commercial so congratulations Kathleen. Kathleen: Thank you. How does it feel? Kathleen: Feels a
little strange– As in, how does it feel to be acting with advertising royalty? Kathleen: Oh the
gecko? It’s really nice. I’m sure he was. I’m sure he was. Can somebody
give me a water. Kathleen let me ask you, for the Best of
Sweepstakes which GEICO commercial did you vote for? Kathleen: I voted for Hump Day. Really? Kathleen: It won the contest. Yeah yeah so I’m told. Kathleen: It’s so funny. Yeah, I, you know, I
actually it’s not my milieu but I haven’t seen it. Kathleen: Guess what day it is.
Guess what day it is. Oh look it! They’re serving mango tortellini. I’ll be
right back. So how has your experience been so far starring in your first GEICO
commercial. Kathleen: It’s been so much fun. Oh yeah I can imagine. It used to be for me too
when I had my own limo, Kathleen. Kathleen: Really? Yeah, this morning I had to share a cab
with a pig. Kathleen: You mean Maxwell? Yeah. Kathleen: I love him Yeah wee-wee-wee all the way from
the airport ringing in my ears Kathleen it’s been great getting to know
you on this. Kathleen: So do you think I can get a selfie? Oh just give me a minute let’s
get makeup. Hey can I get some dry shampoo over here. Kathleen: You know with Caleb? With the Camel? Kathleen: Do you know him? Yeah yeah,
I mean I sent him a friend request. I’m I’m sure just got caught in the spam folder


Oh…..John Lehr was the best Caveman………..Don't yo want his ass back, poor ad /marketing ag….where do you get these dumb wits……..sitting on their phones.

My bf and i used to watch the caveman commercials from the very first one. I know the Hump Day commercials were the most popular and well known but the caveman commercials were the funniest, hands down. I understand his frustration. 😉😁👍

What's the name of the song when the camel comes on. It always brings me to roll out by ludicrous but that's not the song!!

It was cool seeing all those ads again! "Everywhere I go, there's always something to remind me…"😉

Kathleen how is "sure it was "somebody get me water 😂.. hilarious cavemandude bring him backkkkkkkkk😂😂

Geico’s advertising crew is the best in the business. There is a lot of companies out there that are in need of their skills.

I hope you guys read this because I have a idea to pitch

Have the gecko in a karaoke spot singing the song playing when the caveman is in the airport and passes by his poster.

Caveman is my all time favorite, but my favorite line is @0:18 lol
The camel is actually my least favorite because my name is Mike

Yup, switched to GEICO a year ago and extremely satisfied.
Good work Kathleen …. and hooray for the Caveman, his time has come…and passed 😉

Most funniest epic crossover… EVER!!!! Gecio's Cinematic Universe series needs to made! 🤣 lol

Conjuring Universe, MCU Universe, Simpson’s Universe, DC Universe, Monarch Universe, Now Gieco Universe

The Caveman must have some personal issues with Caleb the Camel. I'm surprised that the sloth and one of the office meerkats from Steve Tom's Geico commercials were present.

They really missed the boat on this one.  Worst Geico ad ever.  Just trot out previous mascots and have them say something obvious, what a real failure.

I knew that girl in the beginning with the black and white shirt looked familiar! She played wren Stevens best friend on Even Stevens!

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