Meet Imran – Working at TAL – TAL Life Insurance

[Music]>>Imran: My name’s Imran, and I’m the Head
of CRM at TAL Direct. [Caption: Imran works at TAL] And I look after the CRM Team, which is basically
made up of people who look after customers from the moment they join us, and help them find the right products for
their needs throughout their life-cycle with us. Erm, I also have a team that sort of looks
after the database. So just trying to understand our customers,
researching, talking to them, and understandiung why they do what they do and what matters
to them. So that keeps me busy – I end up talking to
a lot of people a lot of the time. But I enjoy that. I enjoy sort of talking about what I’m learning
about my customers and the business, so that I can sort of influence what the business
does. It’s been diverse, my careeer at TAL. I’ve
had six jobs in the seven years I’ve been here. Ranging from Training first, into Sales, then
right into Marketing, which has been fantastic coz I’ve had a real broad spectrum of experience
while I’ve been here. You might not actually know TAL out there
in the public, but there’s a high chance you’ve actually got a policy from TAL. So, in the business I work in, you can be
getting Life Insurance through TAL from your membership with NRMA. You could be getting it becasue you’re an
NIB Health member. You could be getting it because you’re with Virgin Money. So, yeah, we try and provide Life Insurance
to Australians through many different brands. The single best thing, I would say, does boil
down to the people. And for me that’s the people I work with, the people who are part
of my team, and then also the people I work for. So I guess that’s the common thread; we tend
to really care about eachother at a personal level, but also at a career level. [Caption: Find out more –] [TAL logo]

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