Meet Ellen – Working at TAL – TAL Life Insurance

[Music]>>Ellen: Hi. My name’s Ellen. I currently
manager the service teams that support our independent financial adviser network. [Caption: Ellen works at TAL] So my current role is within the Service Centre,
and my three teams that I look after service the adviser network, so the independent financial
adviser network. So we’re a B2B type environment, for business
speak. And we look after all the financial advisers who support TAL in providing Life
Insurance to our customers. I have been here for seven years, which is
a quarter of my entire life on Earth – erm – and the majority of my adult life. I started when I was twenty, with absolutely
no experience whatsoever, and someone was kind enough to take a bit of a punt on me. And I’ve been here ever since – and been well
supported along the way. I started in an administration team and worked my way into a senior role
within that space. And then I worked my way through different
roles in the organisation and had six roles in the seven years that I’ve been here. And within those six roles, I’ve worked with
every team across Melbourne and Sydney. The culture at TAL, well it’s a very fun environment.
We’ve got a real youthfulness about us. We’re really dynamic and we’re always out there
trying new things. And are willing to take a risk for the greater
good, and I think that really comes through in everything that we do. We have a great group of people here; very
fun; very diverse; very experienced. A lot of people here at TAL, across Melbourne
and Sydney, have been here for a long time and worked in many different roles across
the organisation. And that experience and exposure and diversity
of role has made this just a really great place to work. And the people have always banded together
and headed in the same direction, regardless of our environment at the time. And we’ve always kept our heads held high
– and had a lot of fun doing it. [Caption: Find out more –] [TAL logo]

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