Meet Elizabeth – Working at TAL – TAL Life Insurance

[Music]>>Elizabeth: My name’s Elizabeth, and I’m
Head of Claims Performance Excellence [Caption: Elizabeth works at TAL] Erm, so what I really like about my role is
it’s different day-to-day. So I find some days, when I’m in Melbourne, it’s all about
the planning, erm – analysis, putting together powerpoint decks, that kind of thing. But then, when I go to Sydney, it’s about
meeting different people in the business. So lots of understanding of what different
peole do, and really quite different day-to-day. So, I’ve been at TAL a couple of months now.
My background’s almost 10 years in consulting, and I guess the reason for joining TAL was
to get a bit more experience in the operational area. I guess it’s always a big decision to move
from consulting to a corporate environment, but one of the reasons that I did so was,
I guess, in my role, I’m like an internal consultant within TAL. And really got a chance to understand the
different areas within the business, and can definitely see ability to move around, going
forward. So, the best thing about working at TAL so
far has actually been the role, which is often surprising, but I’m loving the job I’m doing. It’s one of the first times where I’ve been
really happy to go to work every day, and enjoying the peole I’m working with and the
things I’m getting involved in. If I were to recommend a career at TAL to
one of my friends, it would definitely be for the culture. So – erm – a lot of friendly
people, really welcoming. Also the work-life balance, so being able
to have a great job, but then also a life outside of work. My favourite story about the business is,
erm, I guess the fact that ten years ago that TAL was such a small company. It wasn’t doing
very well, it was losing market share. And about that time the CEO, Jim Minto, joined
and really started to turn things around and, I think it was just a few weeks ago that TAL
was announced as the largest life insurer in Australia. And I think that’s such a fantastic story
to see the progress that they’ve made, and the achievements that TAL has made to get
to this position. [Caption: Find out more –] [TAL logo]

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