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Tying Medicare to zip code is a terrible disservice to the American people! I lost my Kaiser Senile advantage plan, even though I'm only 25 miles from the same Kaiser NW facility i've used since 1999! What's to stop someone from renting a po box, and mail forwarding service in the zip code offering the best options for a given situation? R.V.'ers come to mind especially! Also, this "donut hole' is CRIMINAL, when one has coverage from a (working) spouses' ACTIVE plan, I'm told it's ILLEGAL to combine benefits!

So… individuals are money poor ( disability and/or age related ) do to Medicare but are taxed more if they thought they would save some money!

Thanks for the information. I have a question. If someone goes without creditable part d cover 63 days after their initial enrollment period ends @ what time does the fine start? Does it retro back to the month of their 65th birthday day.

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