Media bias in education coverage? | IN 60 SECONDS

In an era marked by heated claims of
media bias, journalists need to ensure that news coverage is independent and
impartial. Education, the field I know best, is one where it should be easy to
meet this bar. To see where things stand, two colleagues and I analyzed major media
news coverage of federal education in 2009 and 2017. In 2017, Republicans
controlled the federal government and proposed major new reforms. Back in ’09, the same was true of Democrats. In 2017, news stories on Republican
proposals featured a negative slant nearly half the time. On the other hand,
in ’09, coverage of Obama’s proposals tilted negative less than five percent
of the time. This kind of thing might fly on the editorial pages, but unless one
thinks that Democrats have a monopoly on educational wisdom, such reporting marks
an abject professional failure. And if journalists can’t even report impartially on education, it’s scary to contemplate how they approach more
polarizing questions. Do you think major media coverage is biased towards one political party? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other
topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and
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Please stop pretending that you are an Independent Media. Cause you organisation stated itself as a โ€œConservative Think Tankโ€. My point is there is no such thing as a non-biased media as long as you are alive you will have an opinion and a stand.
It is immature and naive for people to look at one institution and think that they are non-biased. The only way to achieve non-biased is to have people of different views to speak their mind out. Which is something this media platform failed to do, since the experts professors are mainly conservative standing.
Yes you do not support a particular party, agreed. But itโ€™s clear that you have a particular ideology in mind.
Thanks for responding.

Being negative most of the time towards the rights proposals on education is not bias. In education the left will always propose to spend more on education so their changes and proposed change will ALWAYS be on the side of improving education for all, and spending to improve access to education for all.

Thats fact. If a reporter on education were to report that the rights budget cuts to education would improve education that would be FAKE NEWS! Now that may be different for an economics editor or reporter and it may be for the greater good.

But saying that negative reporting means bias is embarrassing.

Thats like reading all the articles written about hitler, seeing that they are 98% negative and showing this as catagorical proof that the media is bias.

it really really is bias towards the left. when it comes to "mainstream" or maybe with how they behave "LieSteam"

First and foremost, WSJ and USA Today are quality sources with nearly NO bias. Hence the reason why they have more neutral and varying headlines, regardless of administration.
The other 2 NYT and WP are rated as having a slight liberal bias. So this does not surprise me, and these 4 publishers do NOT monopolize the media industry, so I wonder why these specific 4 were chosen?
Also, although there is bias and unbiased sources, the fact remains that both the secretaries of Ed in both administrations are very different and have very different educational philosophies and thus will be covered differently.

Honestly, the dem proposed improving funding, cutting rates, and remove underperforming private school.. the right is remove repayment plans, keep under performing schools open, and reduce options for repayment. The only options with positive spin is charter schools and expanding apprenticeships…which I don't even know if it's under education. But, charter have a negative side too

Yes it's biased toward corporations because the mainstream news media are owned by corporations. Shouldn't take too long to figure that one out after watching 10 minutes of Fox or MSNBC

Does the politicised media understand the damage they do? News is here to provide facts. Period. Their opinion isn't any more important than the average Joe on the street. They aren't any smarter, better informed, or qualified to have an opinion than a bus driver. They remind me of Xinhua or the South China Morning Post or RT. Now these foreign POS state controlled media rags can point to US media as the same sort propaganda rags. Thanks guys. You forgot what your job is unbiased presentation of facts. I don't care what your opinion is, I'm smarter than you are … just the facts.

There's much in mainstream media, at least here in the U.K., that ensures that there is no bias. Fact checking and what not. It's regulated, so I don't really believe the bias thing at all.

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