McFarlane Toys Fortnite 11″ Scale Raven Deluxe Premium Action Figure Unboxing Review

it’s big for net failure
hey guys me host supersorrell thank you very much Sheila Greta it’s a big for
that failure so this is McFarland’s for night this is a new range which I think
this is about walked ten inches tall it’s like a statue and it’s off Raven
who’s one of the figures that we did gain a three-inch line from Jaws West
but when fathers have done this nice big statue tag figure and it looks really
cool and apparently does actually have some articulations of it it says they’re
eight moving parts of articulation and so it’s got a nice piece on the side
which is the traditional skin look from for night and if you look on the back
here you can see the actual product shots look pretty cool as this it looks
really nice and I can’t wait to mess with it so let’s break it out of the
packaging let’s take a look okay let’s try and do this without
damaging that look super soldier in you your best night baby everyone say good
night sue told you and you in the comments this I was gonna call that out
with no I’m gonna keep it in right Oh show me how a big base for the figure
underneath via but he’s kind of sellotape then hmm I know look at rope
tied oh oh oh you right so let’s try and break them up so here he is out of the
package you’re looking pretty cool actually
oh I know the shed loads of rope tile on this thing base will go in from the back so the four might face this no they have
a couple of ropes right yeah that’s not a real time so usually these ties now
just pull them off like oh yeah free bird bird no idea what that was
I’m not right today Oh yogi so now he’s out of the packaging we can get a proper
glow so look so the face on the figure is very nice I’m not liking the feeling
this is like a very soft vinyl and the face itself feels very cool it’s like a
soft sort of calm Matador was made of it’s really nice though it makes his
eyes look really as if the glowing in the dark and so moving parts let’s take
a look so this arm just moves up this I’ll mostly moves up as well
the head can move Oh feels very stiff so I’m gonna leave that in the angle legs
don’t move but the feet new twist there’s a waist swivel as well the cloth
this itself is made of like a rubber so it’s very cool it like bends around the
cloth it looks really nice they also comes with a assault rifle
which looks awesome it was like that’s like Action Man sighs if you’re gonna
you could actually use that gun with like an action man I would say it’s
about its buffet if you stood up thali would be about the size of an actual
eyes just shoved 12 inches I think but he’s crouched down where he is to like a
12-inch scale like bring this hand yeah there we go
this is carrying the assault rifle we’re going to lift these arms we can get him
there there we go it’s like a position where he’s got the gun cocked in the
Quorum his arm chamber cut till that’s slightly more
but it still is cool that’s nice he’s got two peg holes in the bottom of his
feet guys so he does just pour onto this base with either foot I’m gonna use this
right hand foot and peg back down just to give him a little bit more security
but that’s nice man I call this is turn now it’s a very nice figure so what we
do now is I want to go to the desk camp to give you guys an up-close personal
look at this actually cuz it’s awesome so let’s go to the nest cam so guys here
is our in the back again looking awesome love this finger so I think I’m gonna
keep him up top with all the rest of my gaming action figures and gaming sort of
12-inch poseable so if I look up here though I’ve got my I’ve got my fire
Christ statue there of me and I’ve got the guy from Assassin’s Creed the London
one I forgot and I’ve got SEO there as well if we look down here as well you
can see we have blush – it’s from Wolfenstein so I’m gonna keep him up
there a thing with my game is that on this doom there is one pop vinyls
see I’m probably gonna keep him up there with the gaming stuff but it’s nice
12-inch figure from McFarland’s is this they’ve done a really nice job of
bringing mr. life cuz it looks really nice like said those eyes rarely do pop
and glow and look like they’re really glowing the actual detailing on the
paintwork is superb I’ve gotten really all out on this to make it look really
nice the gunmetal colors are beautiful which Marvel would take note of these
gunmetal colors cuz it’s so awesome and I like the fact that the gun is kind of
battle one it looks almost like it’s being beaten up a little bit on the
battlefield which gives them an even better look for fortnight such a cool
figure I love the fortnight range of stuff they
just they just know how to make collectables and the visit the start of
like a series of statues then I’m in I’ll buy them so yeah really cool statue
I really like this do you like this guys let me know in the comments your
thoughts on this statue whether this is only you would pick up for your
collection in the comments below but guys what
should I review next give me a hand here should I review our new Dino rival
primal pal should I review the one time one build the set among two minds
whether to return this or not I haven’t quite decided yet whether I want this
I’ve kind of bought it because all the new stuff came out and I’m kind of no
I’m not sure enough spent a lot of money that day and I kinda regret this one for
20 quid it’s a little bit expensive what do you think should I open it review it
or shall I return it but we’ve also got the new bread it’s a lab escape2 review
and we’ve also got Ronda Rousey do we need Altermatt Ronda Rousey what are the
review next guys let me know in the comments below and if you want to see
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watching as always I’m your supersorrell he’ll see you guys in the next video may
the force be with you bye you


Definitely intrigued by the new WWE line. The increased articulation is brilliant! Definitely wanna see that review!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below;

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