McCafe Premium Roast Coffee Review

– Hey, welcome to Coffee, Coffee, Coffee your place for average Joe coffee reviews. Come with us to the McCafe. (upbeat music) – So today we are reviewing McCafe’s, am I saying that right? – You said it like a French person. I think that might be right. That’s what the executives
at McDonald’s were going for. – It’s their– – I’d like a Royale with cheese. Is that what the Big
Macs called in France? – The Big Mac, yeah, Royale with cheese. That was on Pulp Fiction. – I’ve never been France and
I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction. – Ah, we should, well
we shouldn’t watch it, it’s pretty violent. Okay. – I don’t care about violence. – Well, it’s got the F word in it a lot. – All over it, right? – Yeah, yeah it’s not good. Okay, so Premium Roast, medium blend, it’s supposed to smooth and balanced, but that’s pretty much all they give you on this one, like they don’t really say you know like what
you’re supposed to taste except for smooth and balanced, 100%. – So like the wheels
of justice in Detroit? Smooth and balanced. – Are you trying to start
a fight or something? – No, with who, people in Detroit? – I don’t know, I guess. Okay so 100% Arabica beans. – Good. (girl laughs) – Okay, so let’s drink it. – Alright. – Oh, well we could talk about price. – Okay, the price was $6.89. – I think 29. – For the bag, $6.29 for the bag which works out to be about eight dollars and something per pound. – Yeah, so. – Which is average. – Mid range. – Mid range, average that. – No super cheap, not
cheap, not expensive, just kinda like that mid-ground there. – And that was on sale, right? – Yeah, it was on sale, so
normally it’s a bit more. But that’s at Publix so you could probably get a better deal elsewhere. – Publix is where shopping is a pleasure. – But the prices are slightly higher. – A premium, a premium for
not having to go to Walmart. – Totally worth it, so. Yeah, it smells pretty good, but. This coffee, I’m befuddled. Like you know that word, befuddled? – Yeah, confused, don’t know what to say. I only picked that up from
the situation that we’re in. – So, this is like the fifth
time I’ve drunk this coffee. Have drunk, I think that’s right. – Have drinkeded. – Um, and trying to describe it is like- – It’s the McDonald’s of coffee. You know you should not
drink it, but you do. – Right, it, I don’t particularly like it. But I don’t really know
why I don’t like it. Like maybe it’s so balanced
that there’s not anything coming through that’s just like a real. I kind of, there’s a little
bit of dryness in my mouth like maybe it’s a little dusty. – Mmm hmm, I noticed that, too. – Which is a taste that
you can pick up on, dusty. – Dusty Rhodes, the wrestler. I don’t remember his slogan. – I almost, I wanna like it, almost, you know what I mean, it’s
like, it’s almost there. But there’s just something about it. – But it’s not there. – Yeah, it’s just like. – It’s indescribable. – Yeah, it’s not really nutty,
not really roasty, either. It’s just kinda like. – Just a little dry and
balanced flavor of things. – Almost like bland because
there’s just not anything in particular that I’m picking up on. – Yeah. – It’s just kind of, I
wouldn’t buy it again. – No. – Out of five donuts, or is it four. – Maybe two and a half. – Two and half, yeah. – I think so, because it’s like, yeah, you could drink
it, and the price is okay when it’s on sale, but it doesn’t have, it’s not like anything that
you would write home about. – Yeah, yeah, it’s like. – Dearest Quinlan, I was at
this place called McDonald’s. Ever heard of it? – Yeah, for the price, I want more. But and really. – Not more of this. – But as I get further down into the cup and it happens every time and I’m like, hey, maybe I like this coffee. Then every time I start
the cup over again, it’s like no. – No. – No, I don’t really, so. – Not a very good beginning or middle. – Yeah, just at the end it’s kind of like. – Maybe toward the end
you’re like, I had caffeine, that’s what that. – Yeah, maybe that’s it,
the mood boost happens. The okay. – But anyway, if you’ve
had McCafe coffees before let us know which roasts. – What you think. – And when, what you thought of them. And uh, we’ll tell you if we’re
gonna review those or not. – Yeah, okay. – Alright, until next time. – Keep grindin. – [Man] Hey, thanks for
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