MATT MAHER – Run to the Father: Song Session

I’ve carried a burden I was too
I hear you pastina
lane I know that the father for
I’m Louisa needs a surgeon I’m sorry it’s a friend so I run till the again you saw my condition plan from the style the Sun 4 – the price for my I don’t ever come that
I don’t understand I can’t comprehend all movies
my my cell needs a friend so ever until the
father began again yeah Hart has been in your sights my chance
yes yeah please needs a breath so ever and again so our
again again again again hey everybody it’s matt maher thanks for
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An amazing song by awesome songwriters! Love both versions(Cody Carnes' and this one)! 💕Especially loving the strings on this one!😍

Love that: "My heart needs a surgeon, my soul needs a friend. So I run to the Father again and again." So true and beautiful. God bless yours and you all! 🙂

Creator of all things, the great I Am, my God and Father, my best friend… I run to You, I need you more and more every day,
I run to You!
Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Father
, Always available for each and every one, with wide and open arms and overflowing Love. Thank you Father for the cross and the Holy spirit!!
Paz a todos visitem meu canal se inscreva e que Deus abençoe a todos 🙏🏻🙌🏻 ( ajuda aí gente a causa e boa 🙏😊)

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