Marrying Millions: Who Knows Who Better? (Katie and Kolton) | Lifetime


They do not work good together. My personal favorite pair is the one with the guy who lives with his parents

She was supposed to be a Real Housewife of Orange County in Season 7 or 8 but it didn’t work out because of issues with her ex-husband. Funny that she’s on this show now!

Hey does anyone rember when Chloe and maddie made a rmix of last Friday night it's on Chloes channel that's from dance moms

Kolton likes having a girlfriend/babysitter if he ever grew a pair & started doing some Grown man stuff he'd start messing with another Grown woman his age

I don't see this lasting long only because he's very young and she has 4 children already. That's a lot for a young man to take on. They seem to enjoy each other which is good but I don't see long term.

I believe he’s wiping his lips from the LIP GLOSS. The face he made with the first kiss makes me believe it’s that sticky kind of lip gloss that’s kinda hard to get off and annoying to have. Especially to a guy that’s not used to it. But I heard he was her daughters friend first and then started dating her mom, that’s weird af and I do not agree with it. But their life not mine lol:

The fact that he doesn't view her ability to put other's needs before her own as a huge positive, is a sign of immaturity and problems to come. What he's REALLY saying, is that he ONLY wants her to put HIS needs before her own, and to dismiss the needs of all of her loved ones, including and esp. those of her children, to whom she has a genuine duty of care. A caring, mature and MORAL partner, would understand that she must put the needs, at the very least, of her minor children first, and indeed want her to do so (as well as those of her children who were transitioning into adulthood – understanding that it is a vital, serious and dangerous period in a person's development, that cannot be redone). She's making worse mistakes of immaturity, by choosing a child as her partner, instead of working on herself, and the reasons her marriage failed – and fixing those deficits within herself, once identified. Many marriages could've worked, had both parties put the right kind of work into them. Ideally, that work should've begun in earnest before the marriage, in order to see if they are a match – and to lay the proper groundwork if they are. But, it can be done once in the marriage as well, and it can transform marriages that seem utterly unsalvageable.

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