Marrying Millions: Where the Couples Stand Now (S1, E10 Recap) | Lifetime

BILL: Honey, I am
so in love with you that I think you deserve
one of Joe’s finest pieces as a symbol of my
commitment to you. So you could pick out
anything you want. Joe, where are the
engagement rings? [MUSIC PLAYING] Like, what the [BLEEP]? I don’t really know how
I should feel right now. Honey, I brought you
here, because I wanted you to know how much I loved you. Mm-hmm. And I want to
marry you someday. I was seriously thinking
about proposing to Bri. And even though I see
this in our future, I realized that now’s
probably not the right time. So right now, just pick out
something that makes you happy. It could be a promise ring. And know that it means
how much I love you. I do see myself
getting married to Bill. But I’m just not there yet. And I think we both
know that we don’t need to be engaged to know what
our relationship means to us. Gentille wants to talk to you. What? She wants to talk to you. I don’t know. I don’t understand
why Gentille wants to speak to me before
the vows and the ceremony. Hi. Why isn’t your dress on? It freaks me out. Honey, I’m not upset with you. Are you scared? A lot of stuff just went
through my mind last night. You know, all the things
that you didn’t tell me– you know, it’s a lot of
trust issues, you know? It’s just– It’s the wedding jitters. I have it, too. I don’t know, Brian. You kept so many things from me. I kept little,
stupid things from you. They weren’t little, stupid
things [INAUDIBLE] Brian. I thought you were ready to
get married into our family. And– I am. –be with me the
rest of your life– I was. –and for us to be happy. I wanted to start
a life with you. And– but I don’t think
you’re the right one for me. [MUSIC PLAYING] And I don’t want to hurt you. But I can’t– I can’t do this. Honey, please. I love you with all my heart. I have to go, Brian. I’m sorry. I thought that if I saw Brian
and looked into his eyes that everything would be OK. But when I actually saw him, I
realized I just couldn’t do it I kept sweeping things
underneath the rug just to try to move forward
with the relationship. But then I realized
that I can’t marry someone that I don’t trust. I’ve always wanted to
be part of a family and have my own family. But I’m not going to settle. Even though I love
him, it’s not enough. BRIAN: I can’t imagine
my life without Gentille. I was planning on spending
the rest of my life with her. I just don’t want
to do this, OK? [SNIFFLING] I’m done. What are you doing here? Uh, yeah, I asked
her to come over. COLTON: You know, it
is our relationship. And I think that we should be
able to talk it out instead of just you having to
make a choice based on how everyone else feels. It is really scary, because
I don’t want to hurt anyone. You know, but I can’t also
say that I’m ready to truly let things go with you. Yeah. KATIE: Time will tell as
far as Colton and I go. But I’m pretty happy. SEAN: It’s heartbreaking that
my dad’s not here to support us. It’s the best day of my life. And I want to continue making
sure it is that for Megan. MEGAN: I don’t
know what to think. I’m just freaking out. I really think
Emilio is not going to show up to this wedding. But we can’t just stop this
whole wedding for one person. If my dad doesn’t
show up at my wedding, I don’t think I
could forgive him. [MUSIC PLAYING] I cannot believe my
dad just showed up. And he has a smile on his face. Thank you for coming. EMILIO: I decided to come,
because, being my older son, I thought this is a very
important day for him. I still believe he made a
mistake by not having a prenup. But I want to support him. I am shocked but
relieved when I see Emilio. This wedding day can finally
just be perfect, because Sean has his father by his side. PASTOR: I therefore,
by the authority given to me as a minister
of God, declare that are a husband and wife. [CHEERING] Sean, you may kiss your bride. [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] We did it! We are officially married. [CHUCKLING] [CHEERING]


Kissing someone like that when they break things off is so disingenuous/slightly manipulative. I think the immediate reaction should have been heartbreak and disbelief and it just seemed like it was very socio.
I’ve always said you need equal amounts of love and respect to make a relationship work. Prenups are respect and marriage is love. The only people that get offended are the ones who play to win.

this is so deep i almost cried when she look inyo his eyes and say she can't😱 trusted him and drove away in her cute sliver car

Gentille is so sweet. I think divine intervention caused her to break up with him. Hopefully a dream guy who is deserving comes into her life soon and gives her the family she always dreamed of.

YAAAAY, I'm so happy for gentille!! Its definitely going to be hard for her but she deserves sooo much better! Brian is a creep and a gold digger..

The gold digger was triumphant in marrying . Trust me folks his assets he earned before marrying her will stay his. I believe his other assets he will do something else with he is not a big fool like everybody thinks

Happy for bri & bill they genuinely like each other. And bri didn’t mary him bc shes knows shes not ready for marriage. She’s not a gold digger. she just have a genuine connection with an older man

Brian is just a liar and just want to use you for your money and he is not even nice and respectful to you. You're beautiful woman you deserve somebody much better than him

Megan just won the jackpot now she has Sean by the balls. Sean's father was right a prenup would show Megan's intentions was not for financial gain. Bolton what a bum. Brain Gentile wants a man with Brad Pitt looks and millions in the bank! Good luck with that.

That runaway bride thing was so fake!! Like yeah right they r going to have a small as wedding like that plus was their even any tears coming out when she was crying??

She doged more than a bullet with that Bryan Guy. He was definitely not the one for her and he seemed creepy and too anxious after something.

I'm glad Sean's father Amilio showed to his wedding. His father had his reason's for not approving the wedding without a prenuptial. Although that was his father's experience not his son Sean's. Plus having that in place she would never truly be accepted into their family. As she has provisions on the conditions of joining that family. I'm glad she stood strong on that and I do believe they truly love one another. The only thing that would have put something in the middle of that. Is that dumb prenuptial. She and her new husband can write up something after the fact if they want now. Who cares now he showed her he was willing to make the compromise. I'd sign something after, if he wanted to.

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