marrying millions review S01E09 | lifetime channel recap

hey everyone marrying millions season 1
episode 9 let’s get into it bill and Brianna they’re back in Dallas
because she just can’t handle Miami in Miami anymore I don’t blame her so this
whole they really wasn’t into any too much substance to them other than the
ex-wife comes over to wrangle bill about you know his his ways and then he drops
the bomb on her well two bombs he cleans the pool she’s like I’ve never seen you
clean a pool in your entire life he’s cleaning the pool maybe it’s just
because he’s nervous or he’s just jittery or whatever and and he wants to
propose to this little girl okay and again when they finally like
quote kissed and made up in the kitchen like that that just grossed me out every
time bill touches Brianna I get so grossed out I know she’s over 18
I understand it’s consensual I know she she’s willing to do this and she’s a
legal adult it just irritates me when he kisses her and hug her like that because
half the time he looks like he’s her grandfather or her father or like
yelling at her telling her what to do like she’s he’s an authority figure like
you know a parent or an elder and she looks like she’s 16 and then when they
kiss it’s like oh yeah I forgot you’re over 18 and you want to be with him
I just grosses me out let me know in the comments below what you think about that
that’s Bill and Briana Rosie and drew they go to Costa Rica and they go to
this really nice villa I’ve been to Costa Rica yes you can and I didn’t go
to a like a really expensive villa but yes you can have a jungle view in your
backyard pretty much anywhere in Costa Rica and it doesn’t have to be like a
really expensive mansion but like it’s well actually Costa Rica’s cheaper you
could probably go to a really nice place for what cheaper but but it’s gorgeous
over there I love the view I was like man having a volcano in your backyard
this is great so the whole thing you know she’s having
second thoughts about it she’s like oh what a maryam conceded like it’s not the
picturesque wedding of what she wanted and because her friends and family
aren’t there and all that and then she gets a call from her friends saying look
you don’t have to rush into this but long story short it happened
and they got married and that was really sweet honestly that was a really sweet
wedding what do you think about that because it was just how do I liked it
and I liked her dress and I liked her flowers now I’m like I hate this big
butt well I don’t think you can see the flowers in this picture of my wedding
but I looked at those flowers in the episode I’m like oh dang it I wish I had
seen those flowers before I I got married I would have picked those
instead of the ones I used I had um a cascading bouquet of orange tiger lilies
because I really want an orange to contrast with my green dress and I
really wanted the colors but the style of what she was carrying was so much
more exotic looking and I’m like dang it why couldn’t I have seen that before I
got married so I was comparing bouquets and I’m like stop it the wedding’s over
you got your pictures you’re married you have your hubby Summit’s stop it but all
that irritated me I was like I love the flowers anyway that’s all I could really
think of for them we have to see from here on out now is see if the
relationship with her parents changes so hope it works out for them John teal and
Bryan the whole thing with them is he’s at the tux shop and she keeps giving him
chances to I become a more person who’s more upfront with his thing his life
instead of trying to hide everything and I don’t know why she keeps going on and
on keeps letting this happen because he’s not changing and I don’t like Rose
do you like Rose the friend she’s always meddling and I know she’s probably doing
this for TV but it’s annoying like stay in your own lane it’s not your life
that’s what irritates me about Rose a she this is she
the second husband or the third wife or whatever like why is this such a big
deal to you Rose like you act like no you’re doing this for camera you’re not
you don’t really care about John feel like that that’s just me all right Sean
and Megan we in a bomb dropped on us with Sean and Megan Sean’s mom tells her
side of the story about the prenup of what happened to her and his dad wow
that’s rough that was a really rough situation I’m
glad we got a lot of a piece of little more information about that so that we
can make a decision what do you guys think should they get a prenup or not
so that’s but not least Sean and Kate I thought this episode with them was
interesting they want to go pick out engagement rings because Sean is trying
to buy another year of not being married to her because they’re engaged or
whatever and there was not on the same page she wants the happily ever after
with the white picket fence and the marriage and the babies and and all of
that she wants to quote unquote settled down and he just wants to keep going and
making money and I they’re just on the same page and I know why they’re still
together I don’t know why they’re still doing this but what I thought was
interesting was when they were to go pick out engagement rings and the lady
was like oh let me check out the bracelets it’s a little large for you
which I cooked the same thing when he opened it up and gave it to her I’m
lying that bracelets really big on her they’re gonna have to get it sized she
offered to get size it for and then she’s like oh you know those are CZs
cubic zirconias I don’t think that that was necessarily a scripted event per se
I think the lady who pulled off the bracelet and looked them up which is
like I’ve been doing this for 40 years I could spot you know fake stones a mile
away I think that was a plant that’s just me I think that was a plant and the
producers like well let’s go pick out engagement rings because usually when
you go pick out a Cajun ring the sales people are not looking at your other
jewelry or are they let me know cuz I that was a whole brain of oh let me see
your bracelet so I don’t know if that was a producer telling her that ahead of
time that’s my thought but he apparently didn’t know that was gonna happen
because the producer had to step in and be on camera to have an argument with
Sean and he’s like well is that right faker is it real as if faker is it real
and he didn’t want to say now that is that raises a red flag because the whole
like their whole storyline has been about is he for real is he making stuff
up all that and now he gives her a fake bracelet why and I tell me in the
comments below what you think about though anyway that is it for Sean and
Kate and that’s it for this episode this is destiny with
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Rosie is making a big mistake. She clearly just wants to get away from her parents and is using this relationship as a way out.

It really bothers me that Brian talks with his jaws clenched.

I wouldn’t sign the prenuptial agreement.

Sean looked like a fraud from the previous episode. Lol

I love going to the jewelry store and every time I go they look at my other jewelry and usually offer to clean it for me.

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