Marrying Millions: Gentille Agrees to a Low-Budget Wedding (S1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime


She’s totally settling on a man too. Is it just me or does his face seemed strained? He comes off as desperate.

Beware of anyone who needs marriage right away. If it’s meant to be then marriage will happen in time.

Jauté is gorgeous. She’s drop dead gorgeous.

She's not desperate. She loves someone who loves her back. The fact that most of you think he's creepy doesn't change anything.

She deserves so much better than this fool…es gonna get hurt and he's gonna get a payout!! He's a creep and gonna take her to the bank…

He's very weird and socially inappropriate. What is she doing with him? Hes also a little too eager. That says a lot about his motives. Wake up lady.

This is the most bizarre relationship I’ve ever seen ! A beautiful wealthy woman settling for a such a strange acting, hard looking, delusional and obvious opportunistic.. He must have something that’s knocking her socks off in the boudoir!! 🤮🤢

Wow she is totally faking thru this whole relationship! Dont give up sis!!!!!! U can do better!!!! Even the Vegas wedding planner would be running 4 the hills

WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!????? Omg she’s beautiful, sweet and rich!! WHY is she choosing this TOOL!! Please GOD help her!!🙏🏻. Her friends need to step in quickly!!!

Gentile, I just love you, but you listen too much to your friends. Have him sign a prenup. From the look of the picture of the girl he was engaged to before, that was at least 15+ years or more. If it doesnt work out, get a divorce. He seems like a nice enough guy, maybe a little sloe… lol, but, have that baby!!! I hate to say it, your time is running out. Sadly, my last pregnancy was at age 42. They had to take her from me at 6 months gestation because I have severe kidney disease snd we were both dying. HAVE THAT BABY!!!!

He, from my understanding, never asked for any money and just wanted to stay home with her. The only reason he needed her money was to make HER friends like him more. I've had money and friends that only wanted me for my friends. Once I became too sick to work my 5 figure a month position… most of my so called friends stopped calling. Guess who were still around? The guys that liked me that didnt have money, worked construction jobs, etc. To me, that spoke volumes.

🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ please do IVF and ditch this druggie

Why'd y'all delete one of my comments? I never said anything bad. I was supporting Gentille! And letting her know that a LOT if the time it's your so called best friends that arent your friends in the end. They're the ones that drop you when your money is gone …not the construction workers that liked you when you had money, and still like you when you don't have money … unlike the so called friends. They drop you at the blink of an eye when your money is gone. You're no longer good enough for them! Valid point! Been there, had it happen, glad I dont have a t-shirt with those so called friends' faces on it!

Awww…Brian lay off the corny jokes and calm down. I think your nerves are getting the best of you. Also PLEASE stop mentioning the financial difference between you two. Not classy. I am rooting for you but this was painful to watch.😖

Eeww I just think he's gross! He walks like he had a board up his butt, he's ugly and has no personality. I think she's beautiful, sweet and could get somebody way better than him!

He's so creepy, why can't she see that? With her money she could go to a sperm bank and make her family that way if she was so inclined. She could even adopt children, so many cildren out there needing parents.

Gentille you’re beautiful ❤️stay with your feelings. Something is not right. I never saw the attraction he talks through his teeth 🦷. Scary. Run 🏃‍♀️ for the hills. Don’t look 👀 back.

I think she wants him because he’s different and probably a lot more fun then her ex’s. Hopefully she has a prenuptial agreement.☺️

Are y'all sure he's not playing on the same team? I really don't think he's in love with her, maybe the money. He's not a bit attractive. Very weird for sure

This woman is beautiful intelligent and successful. Please do not marry this creep manchild… He literally acts like he's 13….

The wedding venue lady cracks me UP! She keeps saying stuff like.."I think Gentille love's The venue she's just not sure what she wants (brian)" "I think she can have any wedding she wants but that she is settling ( brian) hahaha low key alluding to the manchild the whole time!!!

He is such a creep and soo dodgy! His vibes are so off and you can just tell that he's in it for the money! Get out while you can Gentille..

I feel like Brian might be on the spectrum cause he is very socially awkward, and she might be with him because he is either great in bed or extremely manipulative.

He may not be using her, to me he is on a hurry to tie her down before someone else sweep her off her feet. His teeth oh gosh I hope he fixes it.

women talking about he wants her money. I didn't see any signs of that during the show he always felt apprehensive about spending het money…but on the flip side women do this all the time marry men for money then take half their money pot calling the kettle black

He was weird in general, which has nothing to do with the money. The money issue was just icing on the cake on why this should not happen.

She seems really kind and it sucks that it feels like she’s settling like girl you have the means to get anyone you want and she wants this bum

She allowed her friends to get in her head He really loves her and so it is her Money she did not have sense enough to protect it. Prenups. Be happy for the moment Money us nor all that as long as you are treated with Respect and Emotional and Financial Support.

He def will cheat on her, men can’t handle the women being bread winner. He will get used to the rich life and use that to impress young feminine women so he can feel masculine and needed

Did he really just call his marriage closing a business deal? And why do you keep mentioning money? Like dand every other sentence has the word money in it.

Brian seems like his brain doesn’t process information correctly. He gives me the vibe that he’d kill her if they got married and she tried to leave him, because in his mind he’d think it’s the only option, and the fact he seems desperate like she’s his absolute only chance at a good life.

“Close the deal”. “She’s very wealthy. Charge triple for the same package “. Sis please leave him or get a prenup. That’s not the man you want to start a family with

If she loves him why not her last chance in making a baby,what will she do with all that money if she don't have a family,share it and find happiness money not all.her friends very disrespectful to him. He might be good to her .

C'mon hunny let's celebrate on your dime. I REALLY reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope she doesn't marry him

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